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To: Mr. Thompson

From: IT Project Manager

15thAugust, 2014

Re:CRM System

Thisis to inform you that the company requires a new CRM system. One ofthe reasons why the company needs a new CRM system is because theexisting CRM system is not a standard one. A new CRM system will becapable of satisfying customers better. The company needs a newsystem because it will help in saving time since most informationwill be transmitted through the company’s intranet. Besides, thenew system will be needed in the company because it will help inenhancing the competitive advantage of the company. Therefore, thenew system will be critical for the company’s future as it willhelp the company in gaining a competitive advantage in itsoperations.

On the other hand, I recommend that the company should consideroutsourcing the project to an external vendor rather than developingit in-house. This is because the firm currently does not havefull-time IT personnel that are familiar with software development.This implies that in case the company considers outsourcing, it willnot incur a lot of expenses because it will not need to train its ownIT specialists that will maintain the functioning and operations ofthe system. Therefore, the company will spend less if it goes for theoutsourcing option rather than hiring some professionals that candevelop the system in-house. Besides, seeking an external vendor foroutsourcing remains an excellent idea since the company will have anopportunity of selecting the best vendor for outsourcing. Inaddition, kindly note that a sufficient budget will be required tocover the outsourcing expenses. No training fee will be requiredsince the company will utilize the IT expertise of the vendor thatwill provide the services.


RequestFor Proposal

ForCRM System Project

SubmissionDeadline: 20thAugust, 2014

Thompson&amp Sons Company, invites proposals for a new CRM system. Thecompany would like to outsource this project the specific needs forthis project entails tracking, recording and data mining informationin such a manner that enhances customer relations. Through the newsystem, the organization is looking forward to enhance its salesprocess. The new CRM system will be capable of satisfying customersbetter. Besides, it will help in saving time since most informationwill be transmitted through the company’s intranet. Based on theprevious work experiences that your firm has shown over the years inthe provision of the service, your organization has been chosen toreceive this request for proposal and has been invited to submit aproposal within the date of the submission deadline. The companyexpects your firm to provide the best service in the market. Besides,the company expects that your firm will be capable of providing acontinuous service within a duration of one year, when theorganization will decide on whether to renew the service for anotheryear or not. The company projects that your firm will be capable ofserving the company in meeting all its needs. On the other hand,during the submission of proposals, your firm will be required toattach an exhibit showing previous experiences. In addition, the firmwill be required to provide a price quote for the purposes ofbudgeting. Kindly provide this information during the submission ofproposals.


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