1. The story concentrates on the achievements made by Uncle Sam, who is


1.The story concentrates on the achievements made by Uncle Sam, who isone of the most-distinguished innovators in the history. Uncle Sam isa personification of United States, which a country that spearheadedmassive innovations and discoveries in the history of America and theworld (Moya, 2011). As stated by Keen &amp Haynes (2013), Uncle Samis a man whose dedication and self-drive to facilitate variousinnovations leads to the discovery of various resources and otherfacilities that are instrumental in the lives of people from varioussocieties. According to Bauer (2001), he is an individual whoregards the prospects of producing and inventing as being his hobbiesthus implying that he normally enjoys doing such work. Most of hisinnovations and production are based in the American continent wherehe firstly concentrates on the innovations in the United States wherehe helps to discover and put into use various resources andmechanisms that help top change the lives of society members. Moya(2011), observes that he has a conviction that he had the ability toachieve more than he did have God not took away his ability toachieve the same.

2.This course helped me to understand the culture of the people fromLatin America and others in their neighborhood. I am acquainted withthe social, political, and economic organization of the people fromthe American content, which helps to deepen my understandingregarding their ways of life. The most-interesting part of thiscourse was gathering numerous information regarding the culture andactivities of new people. I had the opportunity to learn more aspectsregarding other`s people life activities that are different from minethus broadening my knowledge base.

Themost-favorite assignment was to understand the economic organizationsof the societies that I studied since I am an economics major. Iwanted to know how diversity impacts on the manner in, whichsocieties organize their economic activities to enhance lives. Theleast favorite assignment was trying to conceptualize some tasks fromthe Portuguese and Spanish languages, which I have a limitedunderstanding. Supposing a friend was going to take such a course inthe future, I will advise him/her to pay attention to details andseek much information on the internet prior to embarking on thestudy.


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