1. What is Progressive`s business?

Session 3: Progressive Case Study Questions

  1. What is Progressive’s business?

    1. Progressive is a competitive insurance company.

    2. Insures against motor vehicles accidents

    3. . It pays its customers claims as soon as possible

    4. .It uses the modern technology to save on costs for both the agents and customers

    5. .It ensures that its customers are satisfied and happy

  1. What is critical to the success of the business?

  1. .Ability to pay its customers claims as soon as possible

  2. . The company has a fleet immediate response vehicles

  3. The fleet is loaded with enough equipments to make it possible to identify the nature of accident in the scene

  4. .It settles its claims right at the scene of accident

  5. .The Company has good customer care relations.

  1. How does Progressive’s use of hardware contribute to these success factors?

Critical Success Factor

Type of Hardware


Ability to settle the claims almost immediately

Immediate response vehicle

  • .allows adjusters in settling claims at the scene

  • .it has communication gears to help in settling claims

  • .they ease the workload of the both the agents and customers

  • .clients do not have to wait for weeks to have their claims settled

Ability to communicate and relate well with customers

Cell phones

  • .agents uses them to speak to customers.

  • .mobile phones are interactive

  • .helps in facilitating response

Ability to write the claims and send them immediately to the satellite office

Wireless laptop

  • .provides access to the mainframe computer

  • .the adjuster can write a claim at any place of the scene

  • .agents uses it as a fax machine when main office requires hard copy rather than an email

  • .it saves time for movements as it connects to the satellite office

Add more as needed

  1. How does all IRV hardware solution benefit customers?

  1. .helps in settling claims at the scene of the accident

  2. .This means that customers do not have to wait for weeks for their claims to be settled

  3. .it has all the documents needed to complete a claim

  4. .it saves customer’s time

  1. Relate Moore’s law to this case.

  1. .Moore’s law states that the number of transistors in a computing hardware doubles almost every two years.

  2. .This is true for progressive insurance. For the last ten years, progressive had only 10 IRVs and now it has a fleet of 4500 IRVs.

  3. .The number of hardware transistors have been increasing progressively

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