Afterreading the two texts, it is apparent that creativity of individualshas been affected by illegal stealing of copyrights. Every individualshould be respected because of his / her creativity in order to avoidkilling creativity in case the rights of production of allindividuals are not protected, there is a likelihood that people maynot have the urge to be creative in the future. Thus, in order toensure creativity in the future, it is exceedingly critical toconsider protecting creativity now (RIAA, 2013). Take, for instance,in case an artist does not receive income for his/her own productionnow, there is a high likelihood of others fearing to become artistsin the future because they fear that they also may not receive incomefor their own creativity.

Therefore,failure of having active copyright laws emerges as the major problemthat kills creativity. Hence, there should be clear and active lawsthat indicate the way forward to saving creativity. Although the RIAAis working exceedingly hard to educate the public on the issue ofrespecting one’s creativity, I feel that there should be moresensitization to the masses in order to make sure that they fullyunderstand the consequences of stealing other individuals’creativity. Once people fully understand these consequences, they arelikely to respect the creativity of others. On the other hand, strictpenalties on individuals that do not respect the copyright lawsshould be imposed. This is critical as it would discourage stealingof one’s creativity. It is also crucial since as a result ofimposing strict penalties, creativity is likely to be encouraged.This is because individuals will feel protected by the copyrightlaws, thus become more creative.


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