Ithas been said that ‘a good man is not easy to find’ however,this statement has been criticized because there is no puredefinition concerning what should define a good man. The article,What Makes a Good Man “A Good Man?” has presented a reasoningthat can be used to define a good man. According to the article,there have been different propositions that can be looked upon whendefining a good man. The article presents that a man may be definedto be good emanating from different characteristics (Lampkin, 2012).Besides, what defines a good man may vary from one person to theother some individuals look at the internal characteristics, whileothers look at the physical characteristics. According to thearticle, individuals should observe a man’s character, his works,and the way he communicates and interacts with others in defining agood man. The article concludes by indicating that good men are notdifficult to find (Lampkin, 2012).

Thisis a good source to incorporate in the final essay because it tendsto correct the statement that indicates that it is difficult to finda good man. The literary work tends to serve the purpose ofcontradicting this statement and supporting the idea that it is easyto find a good man. I agree with this source because good men arethere and can be found through studying their character and the waythey interact and communicate with others.

Fromthe posts of the classmates, it has been indicated that good menexists. This implies that their sources of information serve tochallenge the posting that indicated that it is difficult to find agood man. Therefore, the sources used by other classmates can be usedin writing a paper that justifies that good men are easy to find.


Lampkin,L. (2012, Augst 27th).WhatMakes a Good Man “A Good Man?”