Upontaking the financial course, I have been constantly impressed by theamount of reflection that is usually incorporated in the coursestructure. This is because, for every written project, a reflectivememo is required. This compels me to review my thought processes informulating ideas and producing a written piece for every majorwritten project, my classmates and I do revision plan to digest peerreview as well as feedback from instructor carefully and actively usethem to better our drafts the fourth project is a remix of the thirdproject, which requires transforming textual contents of a paper intoanother medium. When I developed financial literacy, it helped me alot in understanding various aspects concerning budget and spending.

Financialliteracy cannot be developed without an individual willing to acquirethe knowledge. Therefore, in developing financial literacy, I hadfirst to hear about the topic and make a decision on whether toaccept learning more about it or not. Hence, the initial step todeveloping any literacy is hearing and accepting. In case anindividual does not accept to develop certain literacy, it becomesexceedingly hard to build an interest in the literacy.

Besides,when developing the financial literacy, I learnt that it is necessaryto listen and pay attention to every detail that relates to thefinancial education (Ryan38). I saw this being critical because it increased the chance ofgrasping all the requirements of attaining success in financialliteracy, which I yearned. For instance, while I was developingfinancial literacy, there were three critical things that emerged,which I took as the ground for attaining financial literacy thesewere, learning how to save, invest, and creating and using a budget.This aspect of listening and paying attention to the details of thefinancial literacy is critical to the freshmen writing because theymust understand that in developing any literacy, one needs to focuson listening and paying attention to the details of the educationunder consideration. Therefore, in understanding first year writing,the freshmen will need to pay attention and listen to detailsrequired in developing writing skills.

Onthe other hand, in developing financial literacy, I learnt that inorder to become successful in the management of finances, it iscrucial to continually keep on learning about money (Lawless27). I learnt that it is not possible to become successful inmanaging something that one does not know (Kaminsky82). Therefore, one must continually learn about money in order tobecome a successful manager of the finances. This is applicable tothe first year writing because, the freshmen have to understand thatin order to develop the writing skills, they will need to continuallylearn about writing. This will make the freshmen continually learnabout learning in order to become successful in the program.

Inaddition, an important element that I came to learn, when developingfinancial literacy is that practicing of the learnt lessons iscritical in attaining successful financial management (Durband&amp Sonya 64). This implied that in order to be a successfulfinance manager, I had to put into practice the critical elementsnecessary for financial literacy, which are, saving, investing, andbudgeting. This is critical to the freshmen because, in developingwriting skills, the freshmen will understand that they will need todo practice in writing in order to become fully successful.

Moreover,in developing financial literacy, I learned that it is critical tounderstand the significance of learning a particular aspect. Ilearned that the significance of developing financial literacyoffered an increased desire to attain success in financialmanagement. This can be applied to the freshmen developing writingskills since after knowing the significance of the writing skillsthey will have a strong desire of attaining success in the program.


Inthe development of financial literacy, I came to understand thatdifferent processes were involved in making the development complete.The following diagram represents the processes in the development offinancial literacy


Theprocesses indicate that there is a need for a person to follow theprocesses in order to gain the required literacy. This is the samecase, when developing writing literacy the freshmen must follow therequired processes in writing in order to become successful in theprogram.


Throughthe financial literacy I gained, the freshmen can be advised on howto develop writing skills. This is because the development of anyskill or literacy is related through the different processes that oneundertakes. For example, there is no skill that can be developedwithout focusing on listening and paying attention to the necessaryingredients of the skill.


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