Admission/Application Essay




Overseasinternship experience enriches the curriculum vitae hence, offeringthe job seeker an edge that he/she needs to land into the dream job.I have chosen to travel to Shanghai, China to do a 12-week internshipproject in a professional industry. I have previously been toShanghai for a study tour with my university to explore the topic ofbusiness globalization within Chinese context. The tour permitted usto speculate the vibrant economy of China first hand while learningthe corporate culture and etiquette to prosper in the region. Thetour motivated me to take the mobility activity in one of the citiesin China. It is through this mobility activity that I chose to workas an intern in one of the manufacturing industry in Shanghai as amechanical engineer.

Theaim of choosing Shanghai is because it is an industrialized and aglobal financial powerhouse. Working in Shanghai will benefit me inmy professional field because Shanghai city has many industries, andit cuts across the edge of architecture. It will influencemyprofessionand increase my understanding of the own cultural valuesand biasness. Shanghai China offers an internal business experiencethus, it will benefit me personally because I will gain a wealth ofknowledge and skills of working in multi-cultural environment. Manyemployers are nowadays seeking out culturally aware and experiencedworkers who can work efficiently in an advanced global workplace.Students working overseas will return home with a better potency foracademic pursuits and transformed interests in lifelong learning(Yasgoor, &amp Bressler, 2008).

Thegrant offered to conduct an internship project will be of greatsignificant in my life. The grant will enable me to improve myknowledge and skills of working as a mechanical engineer in amulticultural environment Yasgoor and Bressler (2008) argue thatstudents who take their internship projects abroad acquire uniquesets of skills that distinguish them as future global leaders. Theywill develop global leadership skills vital for navigatingefficiently, humanely and positively across different cultures.Therefore, this grant will increase my future employabilitysignificantly hence, achieving my career goals and plans of workingas a mechanical engineer successfully.


Yasgoor,K. S., &amp Bressler, S. C. (2008).&nbspKaplanHuman Resource Certification.New York: