American Rangelands and Forests Tongass National Forest

AmericanRangelands and Forests: Tongass National Forest

AmericanRangelands and Forests: Tongass National Forest

Part 1: Description of the forest

Forest Location

Brief History of Forest

Current land management problems

Current federal land management strategies addressing the challenges

One sustainable effort that should be implemented

American Rangeland or Forest: Tongass National Forest

Southeastern part of the state of Alaska, United States

The first part of the forest reserve named the Alexander Archipelago was established in 1902. In 1908, a presidential proclamation created another section of forest reserve named the Tongass. The two sections were joined in 1909 to from what is currently known as the Tongass National Forest.

-Extensive logging subjects the forest to the risk of destruction.

-Lack of roads reduces efficiency of the forest officers in managing the forest and controlling overexploitation of resources.

-Formulation of laws that prohibit clear-cutting.

-Construction of a road network in the forest.

-Fencing the forest and creating specified entry and exit paths can help in controlling the exploitation of natural resources in Tongass National Forest.

Part2: Sustainability plan

  1. Action items

Myplan for a sustainable forest cover is to develop programs andservices that will enlighten the community on the negative impacts ofhuman activities on forest and how the community can take part inprotecting forests, organize sporting activities, organize communityeducation programs, research on the effects of human activities(including logging) on forests, and schedule a tree planting event.

  1. Order of action items

Actionitems will follow the following order:

  1. Research on the effects of human activities on forests

  2. Develop an educational program

  3. Organization sporting activities and forums

  4. Invite the community

  5. Facilitate the discussion

  6. Schedule and inform the forum attendants about the tree planting event

  1. Action steps

Iwill conduct a research on the negative effects of human activitiesby reviewing the internet sources and interviewing experts in thefields of forestry and environment.

Theinformation acquired from the research will help me in preparing aprogram that will convince the community on their role in destroyingforests and what it can do prevent forest destruction. Theinformation will be presented in the form of a community newsletter.

Thesporting activities (including football) and forums will be organizedby contacting the managers of local sport clubs who will inform theirplayers and the members of the community about the importance of theevent.

Thecommunity will be invited to attend the sporting activities andforums by their club managers and posters.

Iwill facilitate a forum on the importance of forest conservationafter sports, where all participants will be issued with newsletters.

Theforum participants will be invited for the tree planting event.

  1. Timeline

Iwill conduct research on the effects of human activities on forestsbetween the months 1-2.

Iwill develop an educational program in the fourth month.

Iwill organize the sporting activities and forums in month 5-6.

Iwill invite the community in month 7.

Sportsand discussion will be held in month 8.

Thetree planting event will be held in month 9.