An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge


AnOccurrence at Owl Creek Bridge



AnOccurrence at Owl Creek Bridge is a story about Peyton Farquhar, afarmer who is about to be pendent for endeavouring to destroy an armybridge (Bierce,2009).It is centered on an alternate reality created by Farquhar in hismind while he is actually hanging with no fear but just an activityin the mind. The main idea is that he creates an escape in his mind afew seconds before he dies (Bierce&amp Atkins 2011).

Thetriumph of Ambrose`s surprise ending depends on the trustworthy ofthe world he develops at the beginning of the story. All the detailshave been laid carefully including the settings and timing. Heanalyzes the complicated series of beams and ropes needed to hangFarquhar (Werlocket al., 2010).The description the Ambrose uses to identify the positions ofsoldiers their conduct and rituals establish the reality in theworld. In addition, Bierce gave his story authenticity and authoritythrough his experience fighting during the Civil War.

Inthe last section, reality replaces a fantasy world. This illusion issimilar to the real world. He further assumes that his readers preferfantasy to reality and does whatever is necessary to provide a happyending to Peyton. In the absence of such elaborative, the reality atthe start of the story and the final revelation would not beclashing. With the expectation that Farquhar was imaging his escapeand if Ambrose failed to give adequate, realistic details to make animaginary world believable, then the story would be less jarring. Bysoliciting the details of the enemy’s execution, Ambroseparticipated in a realist tradition that greatly assisted change theconceptions of war. Just like other artists and writers who did notavoid the horrific nature of war, he represented a depiction ofviolence and death.


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