Annotated Bibliography on WWII and the Atom Bomb


AnnotatedBibliography on WWII and the Atom Bomb


Lawton,C. (2004). Hiroshima:The Story of the First Atom Bomb.Somerville,MA:Candlewick


Thissource concludes that the atomic bombing of japan had the biggestimpact on the end of the world war. The source recounts that the useof the bomb was the first instance the united states uses such levelsof sophisticated weaponry that marked a historic attack. This helpsto take the thesis that the bombing helped end the war.

LimitedHelicon Publishing,1995. &quotWorld War II&quot. In&nbspTheHutchinson Unabridged Encyclopedia with Atlas and Weather Guide.Oxford:Helicon.

Thissource concludes that the end of the World War 2 was based on thedecision by Japan to surrender to the allied forces. The sourceprovides the research with a comprehensive content of thousands ofarticles accompanied with appropriately illustrated pictures. Thesource helps the research with diverse understanding of the impact ofthe bombing and the surrender through the viewpoints of differentauthors.

TorontoStar, &quotDealing from Weakness Led to World War II.&quot1986.TorontoStar,Apr 16, 0 A20. Retrieved From,&lt, 2014

Thissource concludes that the bombing of Japan by the allied forces usingthe most destructive weapon available had the most significant impactto the end of the war. This source provides detailed information forthe research on the impact of the attack on the surrender of theJapanese to the allied forces. By understanding the impact of theattack, the research will make the conclusion to the thesis throughthe analysis of all the factors that surrounded the war and thesurrender of Japan.

TheNational WWII Museum. &quotVJDay Fact Sheet.&quot The National WWII Museum.Retrieved From,&lt 15, 2014

Themain conclusion of this source is that the victory for the SecondWorld War was the bombing of the Japanese city. The conclusionprovides the research with the facts that makes the article valuablefor the reliance in concluding to the thesis that the use of theatomic bomb was effective in ending the Second World War. The articleprovides content that validates the ending of the war due to thesurrender by Japan after the dropping of the two bombs.

Roberts,J. J. (1998). &quotPeering through Different Bombsights: MilitaryHistorians, Diplomatic Historians, and the Decision to Drop theAtomic Bomb.&quot&nbspAirpowerJournal&nbsp12(1): 66-78.

Themain conclusion of this source is that the bombsight of the 1945provides with details of the destruction that indicate the extent ofharm the bomb had on Japan. Therefore, this information will providethe research with important content that will help affirm the thesis.The source reaffirms the fact that the bomb was the most significantevent that led to the surrender of Japan, which eventually led to theend of the war.

Volvo,J. M. 2010, AHistory of War Resistance in America. SantaBarbara: Greenwood

Thissource concludes that the bombing of Japan by the United States had asignificant mark on the history of war of the United States. Thesource comprehensively provides the history of the resistance thatAmerica has faced in wars the country has entered into. This helpsthe research to understand the reason for the use of the atomic bomband allows conclusion to the thesis that the attack helped end theSecond World War.

WeeklyReader, 1995. &quotBirth of the Bomb: Fifty Years Ago This Summer, aSingle Explosion Changed the World Forever.&quot&nbspCurrentEvents, a Weekly Reader Publication,May 8, 1995, 2A.

Thissource concludes that the bombing of Japan with an atomic weaponprovided the mark that changed the events of the Second World War.The source recounts the events of the explosion and the indeliblemark that the bombing had on the history of the world since the worldwar was ended by the Japanese. This source provides the research withthe content that helps in reaffirming the thesis that the bombinghelped bring to an end of the world war and influenced the consequentrelations o the nations involved.

&quotWorldWar II&quot. In&nbspTheGreat American History Fact-finder.Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 2004.

Thissource concludes that the American history was significantlyinfluenced by the use of the atomic bomb to attack Japan during theSecond World War. The content in the source helps the research toconsider the history of the American involvement in the Second WorldWar. Therefore, the source helps the research understand theenvironment behind the thesis that the bomb helped to end the SecondWorld War.