Payrollsoftware is basically meant to automate as well as simplify theprocedure of paying employees. The software can be acquired fromhuman resources technology sellers or incorporated in enterpriseresource planning packages. Its functions entail automatically givingout direct deposits, calculating deductions or withholdings,generating forms for tax as well as other reports (Isaac, 2009).Other systems also have printing capabilities for check. Usingpayroll software minimizes manual mistakes and cycle times. A companyneeds a reliable, easy and quick payroll system.

Thenew payroll needs to be sleek and user friendly. It will haveflexible features for managing payroll, attendance management, timeand managing essential HR components. With a database that iscentralized, the moment an employee’s data is recorded in thesystem, the software should be accessible in all modules (UnifiedSolution.2014). When workflows are automated, the system reduces the time usedin completing payroll activities, does away with paperwork and offersan electronic inventory path for data changes. The robust reportingapparatus will allow individuals in the HR department to focus onstrategic tasks. The system will come along with customizable andstandard reports which can be stored in a report list where they canbe retrieved for use once more.

Interms of use, anybody who knows how to operate a computer can usethis program. Every little aspect of the program will be well spelledout. Any person can operate this program even if they have notoperated any payroll software again. In relation to functionality,the program will be capable of performing and calculating all payrolltasks with relative ease and accuracy (UnifiedSolution.2014). It will also be online therefore allowing all employees accesstheir personal data. The program will be deigned to be top-notch withclean as well as intuitive interface to increase adaptability as wellas remarkably improve efficiency. Decision making will be effectivevia superior data quality and instant reporting. The customer supportwill be up to task to ensure that any problems experienced will bepromptly solved by a supportive group of customer servicerepresentatives.

Timelypayments of salaries and other monetary rewards show employees thatthey are valued and respected (Isaac, 2009). Showing employees thatyou value them makes a lot of difference. They are bound to givetheir best and this consequently translates to achievement of setgoals and objectives. This particular payroll software will beanchored on three core values namely flexibility, uniformity andintuitiveness. It will be easily adaptable and will enhance decisionmaking through superior data quality and instant reporting. Thesoftware will be flexible in such as way that it will have theability to integrate the company’s existing investments using anEnterprise Integration Program. It will as well ease communicationwith systems such as benefit providers and more importantly it willbe easily programmed to the company’s wish. The software will beunified in a centralized catalog that will amalgamate payroll, coreHR, attendance and time (UnifiedSolution.2014). On the other hand, privacy will be a potential ethicaldilemma. In this era of technology, privacy has become a major issue.Employees want to keep their payroll to themselves. When developingthe system, the employees’ data will have to be used for testingand this will definitely be an issue.

Acentral core HR will be essential in unifying, engaging and managingthe company’s workforce. A powerful payroll component on the otherhand will ensure that employees are accurately and efficiently paid.Lastly, a unified attendance and time will bring about a decrease inthe cost of labor as well as a decrease in compliance risks.


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