Application Essay



Culturalstereotyping is one of the elements that determine how individualsfrom different cultures interact. Sometimes, it may become cumbersomefor a person from a different culture to integrate with individualsof different cultures due to the belief that one cannot be in aposition to cope with the culture of the individuals. In most cases,the skin color of an individual usually makes people to associate aperson with a certain culture. For instance, the skin color of aChinese is likely to identify the person with the Chinese culture,while a person with white skin is likely to be associated with thewestern culture. In the same manner, a person having black skin islikely to be associated with the African culture. However, it may notbe enough to associate a person with a particular culture since aperson may be capable of identifying with more than one culture. Insuch a case, the person who is bicultural may be capable ofintegrating exceedingly well with individuals of both culture. Thisis a case that I have noted as I grew up.

Ihave heard different stories from some students of Chinese originconcerning how it is difficult for a Chinese to integrate with anItalian because of the difference in skin color however, I tend todispute the stories since I have been a witness to confirm how easyit is for a Chinese to integrate with an Italian, despite thedifference in skin color. I am a Chinese, but I was born and broughtup in Italy. I am bicultural I was first engaged in learning Italianand later learnt how to speak the Chinese language, when I was 10years old. This helped in appreciating both languages since I couldcommunicate with individuals of Chinese and Italian origin. As I grewup, I studied two years in the United States, where I interacted withdifferent individuals having different skin colors.

Priorto meeting and integrating with different people of different originsand skin color, I had the perception that integrating withindividuals having a different skin was exceedingly hard. I hadgained this mentality from some students of Chinese origin, whoshared their experiences. Although some were positive on theintegration, some said it was difficult. As a result of the mixedreactions of these students, I decided to take the initiative andlearn through own experience. As I interacted with the Italians, Iwas capable of talking in their language which made integration easy.As I interacted with different individuals, I changed the idea thatit is difficult to integrate with individuals of a different skincolor and this helped in integrating more with other individuals. Infact, as I spoke the same language with others, I learnt that it iseasy to integrate with other individuals having a different skincolor provided one is capable of communicating in their language.Hence, it is easy toss integrate with individuals having differentskin color.

Therefore,despite having a Chinese culture, I also had the Italian culturewhich made it easy to integrate with the Italians. It is always goodto appreciate other cultures in spite of the skin color that one has.This is critical since it cans help an individual in integrating wellwith others.