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Asa student who aspires to venture in business I have some life goalsto achieve in my career. My goals include getting employed ininternational finance management or a corporate or any other relevantarea such as in insurance companies, banks among others. Secondly, Iaim at gaining understanding concerning financial marketing and alsofunds allocation both to private and public sectors in internationaland domestic organizations. The knowledge will help me in utilizingand accessing important financial information (, 2013).The third goal is to get a degree in business (Finance) hencebecoming a special woman in China with proper understanding ofbusiness concepts and how they function. It is because majority ofpeople in China prefer studying Human Resource Management orAccounting hence being unique by studying finance in business.

of my experiences

Theexperiences and qualifications I have prove my ability that I am ableto pursue a major in finance option. First I have attained 62 creditsof which 20 points are for A-level in my course that are required forone to do major course in finance option. Moreover, I have attainedeight credits in the elective course and have also excelled inEnglish and mathematics. In addition, I have good skills incommunication and oral skills. During my holidays have been doingpart-time jobs and also some volunteer positions in various companiesto increase my knowledge in business. It has helped me a lot to knowhow business functions with understanding business principles andconcepts. Moreover, I have worked as an office assistant in abeverage company where worked part-time. In this Company, I worked toattract new customers and also maintain the existing ones. After agood performance in my position, I was moved to an accountingdepartment where I assisted the clerks in doing office works. It gaveme a real experience of how business works and giving a base forfuture dissertation.

ThingsI have done

Duringmy school time in high school, I have been involved in academic andthe local community. I was appointed as a prefect and also a councilmember where I used to organize various activities and some literaryassociations such as hip-hop. Moreover, I also organized for partyorganization and performances during Christmas. It provided a chancefor me as I played a key role in assisting them to overcome variouschallenges through proper decision-making. In addition, I have formeda youth club that helped me learn many things such as organization,time management and how to solve problems facing our members. I havebeen awarded as the best prefect in the school excellent leadershipand innovative ideas that improved behaviour and discipline among thestudents. It is because I used to conduct mentoring programs tofellow students and sharing our experiences, and this promoted goodbehaviour in the school.


Atmy young age, my father used to run a business in our restaurant. Iused to accompany him to the business hence socializing with manypeople as my father encouraged me to learn how business operates. Icould interact with many people especially the young people and oldpeople by assisting them to get what they want. After sometimes, myfather decided to leave me at the counter where I handled a lot ofcash from the customers. By managing the money collected from thecustomers, I developed a positive attitude towards finance assometimes I used to get challenges in handling the money. This shapedmy decision to learn about business in college and particular financeoption to learn more.

Financeis a vital building block of our modern society. It is becauseeverything in the world is money and we cannot live without money.Having discovered and interested in finance, made me develop apositive attitude towards mathematics during my time in school. Ibelieve I can become ambitious and motivated student of this courseif given the opportunity. I have often liked the subjects that focuson mathematics hence undertaking maths challenges to make maths a funand accessible. My positive attitude has also extended to varioussubjects such as biology and chemistry assisting me in gaining vitalskills and experience. However, this have encouraged me to develop anapproach of solving a problem and learning foreign languages enableme to understand different cultures increasing global financechances.

Theexperience gained from existing companies provided a chance to learnfinance principles and their application in the real world(, 2013). By working as a cashier, have realized theneed for adjusting and setting financial expectations that are basedon different variables. Moreover, in a customer service position,have developed skills in team-work and communication hencemaintaining a good relationship with our customers. This confirmedthat I have the ability to manage time properly and also thecapability of controlling pressure arising in the workplace both fromthe customers and workmates.

Asa committed and ambitious student with a positive attitude towardsmathematics, I believe I possess the intellectual ability to pursue amajor in finance. More crucial as someone with good socialconscience, I will create awareness about this subject and it’ssignificant in our live. Business is my life, and I am excited thatthis is the time to make my dream come true. I have learnt thatbusiness is not only the money, but a career where you can build arelationship with people from diverse cultures.


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