NationalAquarium in Baltimore, Maryland

Theorganization is a public non-profit marine conservation facilitysituated at Pratt Street, Inner Harbor region in Baltimore. Theaquarium was constructed during the urban renewal period while itopened in 1981. The yearly visitors are 1.5 million. The organizationhas above 2.2 million US water gallons that hold more than 750species, which represent over 17,000 specimens. The mission of theinstitution is “inspiring conservation of the global aquatictreasures”. Similarly, its vision statement is “tackling pressingissues challenging global aquatic habitats via pioneeringeducational, science, and conservation programming.

NationalAquarium in Baltimore, Maryland Competitive advantage

Themain competitive advantage of the National aquarium is that it housesdiverse exhibits such as an open ocean shark tank, the UplandTropical Rain Forest, and multiple-story Atlantic Coral Reef. The“Australia: Wild Extremes” is another breathtaking attraction.The Association of Zoos and selected it as the “BestExhibit” in 2008. In 1990, the organization established a marinemammal pavilion that presently shelters eight Atlantic bottlenosedolphins.

Anothercompetitive edge of the aquarium is that it is a non-profit andself-sustaining organization. It receives donations from well-wishersand fees charged on visitors. Since the management does not need togenerate huge profits from the venture, the cost of visiting theorganization is relatively cheap than for-profit institutions inother in other places in the world. As a result, millions of visitorscan afford to visit the aquarium.

NationalAquarium in Baltimore’s products and services

Theaquarium permits visitors to view the conserved species for a periodof up to 3.5 hours a day. It also offers photographing service tovisitors coming into the organization. Former visitors can thenretrieve their photographs from the organization in the website ofthe institution’s website. In addition to personal photographs,online visitors can also purchase various attractive souvenirs fromthe portal such as keychains, coasters, playing cards, mugs,T-shirts, mousepads, and photo puzzles.

Theaquarium offers wheelchairs free of charge. In addition, it has acanteen where visitors can purchase lunch and snacks. Visitors arenot allowed to bring in foods from outside the organization. Thereare also onsite picnic benches and tables where visitors can taketheir lunch.


TheNational Aquarium in Baltimore, Maryland:

SeaWorld,San Diego, California

SeaWorld is a combination of an outside aquarium, animal theme park,marine mammal park, and oceanarium situated at San Diego, California,United States. SeaWorld Entertainment owns the park. The park is acertified Association of Zoos and (AZA) member. The park islocated next to the Hubbs-SeaWorld Research Institute that focuses onmarine biology research. It offers educational information to thepublic such as facts of species in the exhibits. The institution wasestablished in 1964 by the four University of California alumni. Theinstitution was initially a private investment, but it was latertraded to the public to acquire extra fees for the expansion.

SeaWorld,San Diego, competitive advantage

TheBlackstone Group presently owns and manages the park. The company isa multinational investment and management group with skilled managersand expansion capital required for expanding the business. Other keyattractions in the park include ten rides, 26 animal habitats, 4unique limited-time events, 11 &quotspecial experiences”, and 20shows. The special experiences include activities like swimming withthe dolphins. Other key attractions the park offers include theJourney to Atlantis, Bayside Skyride, Shipwreck Rapids, the Manta,Turtle Reef, and Wild Arctic. The Madagascar Live! Operation:Vacation is also a classic attraction provided in the park.

SeaWorld,San Diego, products and services

Visitorsto the organization can have access to a wide variety ofentertainment products such as killer whales, Beluga Whales,penguins, Pacific Walruses, California Sea Lions, Otters, and PolarBears. The fees for aquariums, rides, and exhibits are included inthe park admission fee. However, merchandise, dining experiences,Behind-the-Scenes directed tours, and foods are extra services thatclients can acquire by paying extra fees. The organization offersonline booking services for customers intending to make advancedbookings. Clients can pay using credit and debit cards. The WelchATMs are also available onsite. Disabled persons can hire wheelchairsfrom the organization at an affordable fee. Similarly, the park has alost-and-found center where people can look for their lost propertyfound within the park. Since the park has strict food policy, it hasfood canteens located at various convenient locations throughout theorganization. The mass transit, kennel services, parking, and guestinformation are other valuable services clients receive from the parkmanagement.


TheSeaWorld, San Diego, California:

JohnG. Shedd Aquarium, Chicago, Illinois

SheddAquarium was established in 1930, and it is an indoor publicfacility. The organization contains five million US gallons of waterand above 25,000. Shedd is renowned for it pioneered construction ofinland aquarium with permanent fish collection. In 2007 and 2005, theorganization was the most visited. Its average annual visitors areabout two million. The Association of Zoos and (AZA)awarded the aquarium best exhibits for Wild Reef in 2004, SeahorseSymphony in 1999, and Amazon Rising in 2001.

SeaWorld,San Diego competitive advantage

Theinstitution is located in fairgrounds with well-developedinfrastructure that enables visitors to access it conveniently. In1930s, the organization was linked to Chicago and Key West by arailroad that fresh seawater. In 1971, the organization introduced aresearch tank that has enabled the aquarium to develop a wide rangeof species that attracts huge number of visitors in the organization.

Visitorscan enjoy a variety of permanent exhibits that include CaribbeanReef, Wild Reef, Amazon Rising, Waters of the World, the AbbottOceanarium and Stingray Touch. The Stingray Touch and Jellies are thelatest exceptional exhibits. On the other hand, the Beluga whales,Australian Lungfish, Southern and Alaskan Sea Otters, PacificWhite-sided Dolphins, sharks, and California Sea Lions are othermajor attractions found in the aquarium.

SeaWorld,San Diego products and services

Theaquarium provides services such as metered parking, live jazz, andtranslation services for international visitors. Additionally, thevisitors can purchase snacks and other foods within the organization. The teen learning lab and aquatic show times are other essentialservices that offer key attractions in the firm. The first timevisitors in the aquarium are advised to visit the organization’swebsite that offers a guide on an effective approach for exploringthe facility.

Additionalvaluable services and products available in the organization includespecial parking for the handicapped, coin-operated storage lockers,rental wheelchairs, designated vending site for taking lunch, anursing area, kernel services, and wedding reception services.


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EmploymentOutlook for Graduates at the Monterey Bay Aquarium

TheMBA has 420 employees and over 1200 volunteers. The organization isdedicated to training the next generation ocean conservationist viainternship program. The intention of hiring graduate interns isensuring to connect, inspire, and engage students with anticipationto attain long-term marine protection results and enhancing oceanpolicy. The organization hires graduates from diverse backgrounds andmarine biology specialization as a way of accepting diversity.

TheMonterey Bay Aquarium, California is composed of varietyprofessionals. The careers available in the organization includeEducation Specialist, Aquarist, Exhibit Designer, ExhibitsCoordinator, Research Biologist, Career Resources, and ScienceWriters. The education specialists are responsible for teachingstudents and other visitors concerning various plants, animalspecies, and other marine life in the organization. On the otherhand, aquarists conduct research on diverse ocean species. Theresearch involves identifying infections, reproductions and otherprimary welfare of the captured sea species. They also teach theeducation specialist about the animals, water, food, diseases andother information that visitors would like to know.

Thehuman resources graduates are required in the organization to help inrecruiting new staff. The professionals identify skills required forproviding given services, and then hire experienced persons withability to document, correspond, and report about various issueshappening in the organization.

Researchbiologists are responsible for investigating diseases, suitablehabitats, diseases, and desirable environment to support healthymarine life development. They also conduct husbandry of aquariumorganisms such as sharks, jellyfish, cephalopods, and othercreatures.

Graduateswith relevant information in aquarium and management can also applyfor managing director position. The function of the professional iscoordinating activities in the organization. Besides, he or she makesa critical decision associated with the aquarium.

TheAquaculture Research Analyst is another potential position in theorganization. The expert ensures good health of animals andsuitability of creatures that are used as seafoods. The analysts workclosely with managers, government and academic scientist, aquacultureand fishing industry, and conservationists. The main role of theprofessionals is solving pressing issues such as overfishing, marineconservation, and protecting endangered species.

Otherkey positions available in the organization include VolunteerEngagement managers, Coordinator-Husbandry Senior Administrative,Public Relations Administrative Coordinator, customer care managers,exhibit designer, web designer, Seafood WatchCommunications-Associate Manager and Education Technology Specialist.

Graduatesspecializing in various professions are also eligible for voluntaryservices. The key services that are offered by voluntary graduatesinclude animal care, exhibit diving, and aquarium administrativeroles. Volunteers also offer the interpreters and picnic guideservices.

Theobjective of recruiting graduates in the organization includesattaining a wide variety of experienced marine scientists withability to achieve sustainable aquaculture. The permanent employeesin the organization get competitive salary packages and incentives.On the other hand, the interns and graduates benefit with a dynamicwork environment where they can practice conservation, ecological,and fisheries science that enhances sustainable utilization of oceanresources.


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