Argument for a Salary Increase

Argumentfor a Salary Increase

Argumentfor a Salary Increase

Iam writing to you with regard to the remuneration levels in myposition as a human resource manager. I have been working in thisposition for about five years with exemplary results. Needless tosay, I have immensely enjoyed working in this great company and withthese exciting people. These factors have safeguarded my satisfactionwith my job and even my loyalty to my colleagues and to the companyat large. In essence, I wish to register my appreciation for theopportunity to work in this exciting environment. However, it is mysincere belief that my remuneration level should be reviewed upwards.There are varied reasons why I believe that I deserve this raise.

First,I have carried out a research regarding the salary scales in othercompanies for individuals who are in similar positions. This researchhas revealed that the average salary for comparable positions isabout twice the amount that I earn. This means that it would bereasonable to ask for an increase of my salary by about 75 percent ofthe current rates. Of particular note is the fact that the rate ofincrease would be subject to negotiations, especially consideringother aspects such as experience, education and time in grade.

Inaddition, I have made immense and tangible contributions to theprofitability and long-term sustainability of the company. It isimperative that one acknowledges that the business’ bottom line isprofit making, in which case any person who contributes to theprofitability and sustainability of the company should be consideredan asset to the company. In my relatively short stint in the company,I have streamlined the workforce so as to ensure that the companyonly hires when it is absolutely necessary. There were numerous casesof overlapping tasks and responsibilities, which often resulted inwastage of time and resources. Indeed, this was one source ofinefficiency in the organization. Upon my recruitment to theposition, I streamlined the positions and their responsibilities soas to ensure that every position’s responsibility was distinctivefrom those of other positions. In this case, the streamliningexercise ensured that all responsibilities were absorbed in thecurrent workforce, meaning that no outside parties could be hired tocomplete them. This, undoubtedly, resulted in immense savings for thecompany and ensured that no new recruitments were taken up unless itwas extremely necessary. An auditor’s report showed that thestreamlining exercises resulted in saving totaling about two hundredthousand per year.

Inaddition, it would be imperative that one takes cognizant of thesuccesses of the individuals that I have recruited and mentored. Oneaspect in which the company was severely deficient in when I wasrecruited into it was a marketing taskforce. While the company’sproducts and services were well exemplary and above those of thecompetitors, it was appalling to acknowledge that its sales were waybelow those of competitors. This was irrespective of the fact thatthe products and services were reasonably priced, sometimes belowthose of the competitors. I took it upon myself to recruit amarketing team that could drive the sales of the company to higherlevels. In this regard, I established the set of skills that would berequired in a viable candidate and took it upon myself to interviewthem personally and monitor their work at least in the first threemonths. It is worth noting that the recruitment of these individualsresulted in a 79 percent increase in the company’s sales. As muchas they were the individuals who directly created value, the factthat I created the infrastructure that allowed for the identificationof the viable characteristics and that I have persistently mentoredthem means that my efforts have added value to the company’s bottomline. Of particular note is the fact that the company already has amarketing department that could have undertaken the recruitmentprocess. Nevertheless, I set out to complete this recruitment ofmarketing team as a special project and contribution to theenhancement of the sales and profitability of the company.

Ofcourse, it is understandable that the management would argue that thetasks that I completed were part of what I was hired to do. However,it is worth noting that the company hired me as a replacement of theprevious human resources manager, who left on his own volition ratherthan being sacked. This means that the company was well satisfiedwith the manner in which the company was operating at that time. Inessence, every other task that I have completed way beyond what wasbeing done at that time is my personal bonus that I have voluntarilygiven to the company without asking for any remuneration for thesame. This is in spite of the fact that the salary scales for thecompany are comparatively low for when compared with the marketrates. It is my sincere belief that the remuneration will be reviewedin due time.