Article 1 The New iPhone and Android Users

Article1: The New iPhone and Android Users

Thesubject of the article is on the debate created by the new iPhone 6due to the the prior anticipation of being the best smart phone inthe market. The debate surrounds the superiority of the devicecompared to other smart devices especially the Android phones. Thelesson in this article is the comparison, especially how the phonesappeal to the market. My reaction to the subject is that I believethe iPhone 6 has new features in terms of marketing and appeal to themodern day with clients. I agree with Brusteinthat Apple Inc’s CEO Tim Cook believe that the iPhone 6 has thebest features. The discussion about the article illustrates thatiPhone 6 has better features in the market than the android phones.

Accordingto the article, the features of the iPhone 6 create its magnificenceof the compared to its previous versions. Brustein(1) argues that the phone has a larger screen and compared to Androidphones in the market despite their similarities. Not only does thephone show physical differences but also enhanced operating systemthat enables users to incorporate different types of keyboards andcustomize their settings.

Thephone attracts criticism despite the sparkle because it has all thefeatures of other large screen Android. This is because normalAndroid phones have equally large screens and smart operatingsystems. Moreover, an Android phone is an equal competitor to iPhone6 in terms of quality of service and application compatibility.

Inconclusion,iPhone 6 has better and superior quality and features. The phone hasenhanced features like the watch and the operating system. However,with a closer analysis of the phone with the arguments by Brusteinin the article, many people can change their mind to disagree withhim despite the article meeting the expectations. Generally, iPhone 6is a fantastic device to iPhone enthusiasts, but a normal gadget tocomfortable Android users.

Article2: Insurance for Hacking

Thesubject of the article is the possibility of the insurance cover forlosses incurred from hacking. The fact of the hacking problem remainsthat it causes financial loss, which in the business world would meancompensation. The discussion changed my mind on the need forinsurance for hacking. Therefore, I agree with the thesis thathacking should be insurable. Through this discussion, I willillustrate that hacking is an insurable risk that requires insurancecover.

Businessesincur insurable losses through hacking, just like other insurablelosses. The situation is evidently wanting because many hackingincidents lead to loss of assets and financial value. According toKlein (2), big organizations like the Nasdaq and small businessesalike have lost important information and money through hacking. Thisshows that an insurance cover against hacking and related cybercrimeswould be a viable policy for insurers.

Consistenttechnological development requires businesses to consider a coverthat can protect them from financial losses. The insurance companiesneed to consider the losses that businesses face when they arehacked. This eventuality exposes them to the risk of loss. Moreover,hacking presents a valid concern about cyber security, with around90% of many businesses reporting their consideration for theirinaction for the risks involved.

Inconclusion, hacking is an insurable risk due to the financial lossincurred by businesses. This is because there is a valid trend ofrisk as many businesses operate in the cyberspace. With admission ofa growing concern for the cyber security issue of hacking, insurancecover is important against hacking.

Article3: Attracting Global Travelers

Thesubject of the article is the ways through which such a business canattract international tourists and global travelers. Businesses thatprovide hospitality services of bed and breakfast aim at gettingcustomers, especially travelers to their premises. The importance ofunderstanding how to attract such customers changed my mind over thepriority of the customers covered by the author as I learnt it fromthe article. In this discussion, I will illustrate such businessesshould attract global travelers.

Businessshould use of new media to add on to the normal marketing strategies.One of the new channels that a business can use is social media, tocreate, build and maintain a relationship with the customers.According to Klein (1), businesses can keep a constant communicationthrough emails and online methods like search engine optimization.

Passingcrucial information to the traveler is a good too for attracting themto the business. Businesses that offer bed and breakfast will achievethis by giving international visitor information like direction anddistance to gain their trust. Such information should be provided inimportant areas such as airports and nearest destinations.

Inconclusion, businesses that provide bed and breakfast should exploreways of attracting international tourists and global travelers. Suchbusinesses should create relationship with target customers throughmarketing methods, communication channels and online strategies. Byoffering information to the international travelers at strategiclocations, business can attract the attention and the interest of theglobal travelers. As a result, businesses will attract globaltravelers by using new and innovative methods.


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