Article Analysis




Thisessay is a summary and a description of the article written by O`Lynn&amp Krautscheid (2011). The article aims at addressing the waynurses handle or touch patients during the provision of care servicesincluding the attitudes and perceptions that engulf touching. Itaddresses the question on how and where the patient should betouched.

Asbackground information, the article starts by noting that severalstudies had been investigating the way nurses should carryout theirtasks the increasing concern to the patients about how they aresupposed to be touched. The revelation that intimate touch from malenurses creates more concerns among the patients, as compared to thatof female nurses inspired the writing of the paper. The study used 24adults to conduct gather information through interview.

Inthe results part, various themes were realized including goodcommunication, giving effective choices to patients, genderconsiderations, and the needs for a professional touch. Theparticipants perceived that they need firm but soft touch for theirprivacy from nurses. The research journal concludes by suggestingthat awareness to the patient’s attitude when being touched isneeded during the provision of intimate care. The article alsowarrants the future research on the patient’s perspective onintimate touch during provision of care services.

However,the article is a major contribution to the nursing practice since itdemonstrates that nurses need to have skills on how, where, and whento touch the patient. It emphasizes on the needs to maintain privacyof the patients, especially during the provision of care services.The article also provides analytical facts on the needs of providinga professional touch to the patient. The study could shape the waypatients and nurses perceive each other during nursing care.


O`Lynn,C., &amp Krautscheid, L. (2011). `How should I touch you?` Aqualitative study of attitudes on intimate touch in nursingcare.&nbspAmericanJournal of Nursing, 111(3),24-31