AssignmentQuestion 1

AssignmentQuestion 1

SigmundFreud is considered to be the father and founder of modernpsychoanalysis. However, in considering his psychoanalysis theoriesand treatment, it is very essential to look at the historical contextin which Sigmund Freud operated. This will provide an importantinsight on the application as well as understanding of the theories.It is important to note that the influences of Sigmund Freud work inthe modern world extend beyond the psychoanalysis discipline.Majority of the early psychoanalysts in the contemporary world wereconsidered to be student of Sigmund Freud. However, they soon fellout with his thoughts and developed their own schools of thought.This includes major theorists such as Reich, Adler and Jung, who aresome of the most respected theorists in the modern worlds. It is alsoimportant to note that majority of the modern psychotherapies in themodern society are based on some of the conflicts between differentFreudian thoughts and traditions (Frager&amp Fadiman, 2013).This suggests that while the Freudian traditions are significant inthe modern development psychology, the context in which thesethoughts emerged is very essential to avoid possible conflicts. Thisis more important when the fact that Sigmund Freud thoughts andtraditions impacts on different intellectual and academic terrain isconsidered. For example, the work of Sigmund Freud has become animportant subject of study among philosophers and literary critics.As a result, a good number of individuals learn about the work ofSigmund Freud not in the development psychology classes, but in theirEnglish classes. Almost all disciplines of study have some aspect ofFreudian revolution. Lack of a clear understanding of the historicalcontext in which the Freudian thoughts emerged would result intoconfusion and conflicts (Frager&amp Fadiman, 2013).


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