Astrological Reflection


People may argue that zodiac signs are just signs and lack any basis.However, I think that my zodiac sign perfectly describes me, whichcompels me to believe in the validity of these signs. Born on August9, 1989, my horoscope sign is Leo. Leo falls fifth in theastrological year and is distinguished through its astrologicalsymbol, which is the lion. In this paper, I compare the astrologicalzodiac Leo to myself.


I consider myself a creative, natural leader, confident and loyalindividual, which compares to some of the positive traits associatedwith the Leo zodiac sign. The resemblance results in the greatsimilarity between my zodiac sign and me. As a Leo, I love attentionas well as impressing other people. Impressing others is greatlyimportant for Leos, made easier by their creativity (Brompton, 2013).The creativity adds fun to the endeavors undertaken by Leos. I am nota shy person and consider myself creative in everything that I do.The love for attention also means that I never shy from the publiceye. This probably explains my love for dancing and liking for moviesthat feature powerful leaders. As a dancer, I have to be creative inmy dancing so at to impress viewers. I know how to dance samba andhip-hop, and have done several performances. To entertain peoplethrough my performance, I always ensure that I am unique in mydancing and not merely copying how professional dancers perform.

I believe I am a natural leader. A memorable instance when I depictedmy leadership trait was during a class sport competition. My entireclass was prepared for the sport, except for our instructor who fellill unexpectedly. Anxious that we would have to go back to class andforego the sport competition, which every of my classmates hadprepared for so long, I decided to act as the coach. It was a weirdand rewarding experience. Being able to control and instruct myfellow classmates made me happy. I am very selective in the type ofmovies I watch, but those I like most are ones that feature women aspowerful leaders. As a woman, I desire to become a powerful andinfluential leader. I am often happy when working together with otherindividuals, and am frequently a key player, availing motivation andenthusiasm to the team. Just as Leo is symbolic of a lion, I regardmyself as a ruler (Brompton, 2013). Lions rule the jungle, and Ibelieve I can become a powerful leader-ruling people.

Most of my relatives refer to me as an attention seeker, while othersthink that I am confident. It may be probably because am alwaysseeking attention, or as my zodiac sign states, I am the center ofthe world. I like to demonstrate my dancing skills in places wherethere is an audience watching me. This makes me feel that I am thecenter of the world as everyone focuses on what I am doing.Additionally, during all our family gatherings, I always ensure thateveryone notices me, as I always have something to say or do. Unlikemost of my age mates, that may shy away from people, especially inthe presence of grownups, I am confident of what I say and do, and itdoes not matter what types of audience is listening. This has enabledme build many relationships with people. This compares to the Lion’ssteadfast courage, which wins numerous friends (Western Astrology,2014). Leos form friendships fast and tend to be loyal to thosefriends they like. I am always protective towards the people I loveand trust, and expect loyalty from others. Provided one is loyal tome, then I will also become loyal towards them. I regard myself asindispensable and the center of the world just as the sun rules Leo.Similar to a lion, it does not matter if the world revolves aroundme, as I always have a high self-esteem and a wonderful enthusiasmfor life.

Just like everybody else, I have my flaws. I tend to be opinionated,as well as stubborn concerning certain issues. It is difficult toalter a Leos decision, due to the self-assurance of being right.People that belong to the Leo sign rarely listen to others (WesternAstrology, 2014). I feel aggravated when anyone persists in mydecision, just as a lion draws claws and fluffs manes whenaggravated. Many times, I have learnt from avoidable mistakes, due toignorance to listen to other people’s advice. I always believe thatI am right in what I do and rarely take correction from others. Oneof my most memorable moments was during a mathematics assessment testwhere I scored poorly. I had previously revised with my friend andrecall her correcting most of my calculations. I could only think ofhow wrong she was reassuring myself that there is no way she could beclever than me. To my surprise, most of the assessment questions weresimilar to what we had revised, and I confidently scribbled myanswers. It was embarrassing to realize that my friend was right andhad I listened, I would have scored better. However, this explainswhy I am a Leo.


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