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Analysisof Key Scenes in the Movie &quotInTime&quot

Thescience fiction film “InTime”was set in the far future in an isolated city that resembled weirdlydepopulated residents around Los Angeles. The movie visualizes aworld where everyone stops aging at the age of twenty-five years(Roger 46). During that birthday, a digital clock on everyone`sforearm starts running giving everyone only 365 days, and the clockstops when the days run out. The movie has different critical scenesthat make it an excellent thriller.

Thefirst key scene in the film occurs when Will Sales saves HenryHamilton, who is a drunkard from an intended robbery by a gang oflocal thieves. The 105 years old, Hamilton divulges to Will about thetruth of time wealth. He says that everyone has a fair chance andtime to live longer. It portrays a positive role model. Will is anexcellent role model. He is a generous man as well as a friend (Roger52).

Theother essential scene is where the residents of New Greenwichreserved time for themselves so as to live longer. They achieved thisby increasing the cost of poor people leading to more death. The ideaportrayed that time is valuable and a positive message to all. Itcontains the notion that no one should die to make the other rich.

Thereis also a scene of violence. There are numerous shootings most ofthem being at close range (Roger75).There is also a little blood and one suicide. Most of the people diewhen their time clock hits zero. It mostly affects the poor at anytime particularly on occasions where there is no one to lend themsome extra time up to the next time they get a time payinglivelihood. The dead bodies are shown stippled on the streets. In oneof the scenes, the bodies are piled, and some die in the other`s arms(Roger87).In addition, some die when their time is stolen from them or areinjured beyond repair such as being shot.


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