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The Accident: One Life Lesson

It is a fact that every one of us has a past which constitutesevents, some of which were tragic. Research has indicated thatmajority of the events were as a result of negligence or mereignorance of the rules. My Childhood friends were extremelyinfluential in molding me to who I am this day. There were numerousevents that happened in my teenage life. However, one tragic eventhappened while I was accompanied by my closest friend Ahmed. I spentmany years of my childhood time with him. During our teen years, atragic event happened to us, which baffles my imagination to date. Itis almost impractical to believe that we escaped that tragic eventalive.

At the age of 16, I had little or no knowledge of the consequencesof my actions. Therefore, most of the activities I was involved in asa teenager were careless and dangerous. At that age, I had a totaldisregard for the rule of law, and I took life for granted. Myirresponsible behavior led to one of the most memorable tragic eventsin my life, which taught me crucial life lessons albeit through thehard way. In one warm summer night in my teenage years, a vitallesson in life was learnt. A tragic event occurred, which gave me thevital lesson that life is special and should never be taken forgranted. It is an event that got Ahmed involved, and he nearly losthis life.

Notable is that we had a common character with my best friend,Ahmed. We were age-mates and we were both rebellious. At the age of16, every teenager yearns to get a driver’s license. This day came,and it was nothing different for me. This is a day that lingers in mymind every day of my life. After driving for a while in an off-roadstretch, we finally arrived at a two lane, straight asphalt, whichwas well beyond a mile and a half long. I could not wait toexperience the thrill of speed on the stretch.

After we had buckled our safety belts, I stepped on the gas withimmense force and the vehicle roared and sprout, leaving behind ahuge cloud of smoke. One thing which shocks me to date is the speedof over hundred miles per hour I was driving at with completeignorance of the consequences and with total disregard of the speedlimits, which were clearly indicated. Although I do not remembervividly what happened, I remember seeing total darkness and suddenlyhearing a big bang. What followed were scenes, which are hard toforget. My seat belt had become extremely tight on my chest. In frontof us was a huge trunk and branches all over the car.

I had driven past a wire fence and crashed on a tree. Moments afterthe tragic crash, I would feel blood oozing from my mouth and mynose. My immediate attention turned to Ahmed whom I realized wasbleeding profusely. With his eyes closed, and his seat having beentwisted towards me, I feared for the worst. As I tried calling hisname, I was trembling with fear and shock. Although he wasexcessively bleeding, my only hope was that he was not hurt as muchas I was. After I had regained my consciousness, I realized that Ihad driven past a wire fence, which had cut through the car’swindshield, as well as the entire topmost section of the car.

Although the temperature was mild, I was sweating excessively. Iknew that I would be in trouble with the authorities. However, myworry was not the trouble I would get into with the authorities, butthe safety of my childhood best friend, Ahmed. His screams during thecrash were frightening. The thought of having crashed Ahmed to deathwas unbelievable. He was the kid whom I trusted most and a friend whowould not trade our friendship. I knew the tragic accident was as aresult of my fault and that if anything had happened to Ahmed I wasentirely to blame.

Ahmed’s face was covered with blood, and I was ashamed to look athim when he was clutching his chest from the deep cut inflicted bythe tight seat belt. In the midst of the events, I was in deepthoughts with regard to the whole accident. It was worrying how I wasto break the news of the accident to my parents. Additionally, I wasin deep thoughts on what to do with my new car, which was nowcompletely damaged. It also dawned to me that I might lose a driver’slicense as a result of my negligent driving. The most surprisingthing is that Ahmed apologized to me when he got up. I, however,responded by apologizing to him for having caused him the trouble. Ithad now also dawned to me that I had messed up, and I was almostkilling one of my best childhood friends.

It would be worthless at this juncture to say that the car wascompletely wrecked. The crash had been caused by my carelessness as Idrove through a wire fence and hit a tree before hitting a mound ofgarbage which forced the car to roll several times. Within a span offive seconds, I had learned numerous life lessons. Life can changepermanently within a very short time. The decisions we make withregard to life are paramount. The accident taught me how preciouslife is and how lucky I was to have survived. I think and reflectabout this night every other time in my life. It taught me cruciallife lessons such as the regard for the rule of law, as well asdriving within the specified speed limits. I have continually triedto tell my friend and loved ones about the accident anytime Iremember it, hoping that they learn helpful lessons from it.