Baloney Detection Kit


BaloneyDetection Kit

BaloneyDetection Kit

Forthis assignment you will be watching the video titled “BaloneyDetection Kit” by Dr. Michael Shermer. The link is provided below,but you can also find this video on YouTube by searching ‘BaloneyDetection Kit”. Watch the video and answer the followingquestions. The assignment is due prior to next class. Allwork must be hand-written. If possible print this out front and back on 1 sheet. If on 2sheets be sure to staple both pages.

1.Explainthe purpose of preparing a ?

Themain purpose of preparing a baloney detection kit is differentiatingbetween pseudoscience and science. A baloney detection kit helps onequestion claims made and to test their validity (Shermer, 2002).

2.What role does the Scientific Method play in detecting Baloneyscience? Explain.

Scientificmethods tests the validity of claims by investigating whether claimsmade are true. This means that after a claim is made then test orexperiment have to be conducted to investigate whether the claims aresupported by evidence (Sagan, 1996).

3.List the top 3 points (from the ) youfeelare most important in identifying good science.

  • The first top point is whether another source working independently has verified the claims

  • Whether the person making the claim has used the tools of research and accepted rules or simply abandoned them in favor of the ones that result in his or her desired conclusion

  • How reliable the source of the claims is

4.List all the points (from the ) you do notcompletely understand, or would like more clarification to helpunderstand.

Mostof the points in baloney detection are self explanatory but I wouldrequire more explanation on the following points made.

Whetherthe source is reliable here I would like to know what qualifies oneto be a reliable source according to science.

Thesecond point is whether the claims have being verified or proven byanother source. Here my curiosity is whether a colleague, a friend ora someone close to the source qualifies in verifying the claims. Thus, are there of the rules as who qualifies as the other source toprove the validity of the claims.

5.Which point or points, do you feel correlate best with the Checks labactivity? Explain.

Thepoint that I believe correlate best with check lab activity is onwhether someone else has taken the measures of going out of his wayin effort to disprove the claim, alternatively has supportiveevidence been sought out. This means that one has gone to all measureto make sure that the claims being made are true or false.


Sagan,C. (1996). Thedemon-haunted world: Science as a candle in the dark.New York: Ballantine Books.

Shermer,M. (2002). Whypeople believe weird things: Pseudoscience, superstition, and otherconfusions of our time.New York: Holt.