Best Business-Letter Practices

BestBusiness-Letter Practices

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August4, 2014

BestBusiness-Letter Practices

Abusiness letter is a very important aspect to each and every companywhen it comes to external presentation. No matter how big, famous, oreven small company may be the code, format and ethics by which itwrites letters to its clients matters a big dill. The letters willmaintain not only a good relationship existing between the tradingparties, but also represents the company’s intentions to continuein professional and responsible business. In regard to thesenecessities, this paper reviews on those very important aspects inbusiness-letter writing that create better attention and motivatebetter client relations as well as the information that isappropriate to include in letters of this nature.

ConsideringXYZ Teeth Products Corporation’s Sales Assistant’s letter to ABCdental, it is quite clear that there are a number of professionalwriting appropriates and ethical issues involved. For one, creatingan acknowledgement concerning the situation right at the introductoryphrase represents the foremost for an appropriate response usingprofessional writing methods. However, as long as the sole aim of theletter is to maintain high client relations and achieve a specificintended reaction then the Sales Assistant’s response was out ofhand and suitability to the matter.

Professionalwriting requires the use of professional formats. These includes theuse of appropriate tone and application of proper business ethics aswell as the individual formal-writing format. For XYZ TeethProduction Corporation’s response, neither of these were observedand of course, neither the intended reaction nor better customerrelations can be achieved from such. The Sales Assistant could haveused the professional block format for the letter writing such thathe already creates a good impression to the client even before goinginto details of the message. Secondly, to make the responseappropriate and at the same achieve the intended reaction theAssistant could have used the second section of his letter to achievethe letter’s goal. The section is primal in marking the tone of theentire letter. Appropriate use of this section helps explain thesituation and explains to the client on the intended future actionappropriate in responding to the situation. Finally, and to summarizeon action of the letter, observing both the professional businessethics and the individual company’s ethics is a very importantaspect. The latter ensures that the content and context of the letteris not only individually, and corporate acknowledged, but alsoprofessionally acknowledged.


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