Best Business Letter Practices


BestBusiness Letter Practices


Inevery business transaction, it is imperative to use the formal andstandard language as well as format when writing business letters.Notable is the fact that a business letter must have an introduction,body and conclusion (Geffner, 2010). Additionally, the businessletter must be addressed to a specific person or to Mr. Mrs. or Missif the specific recipient is not personally known. In the businessletter by the sales assistant at XYZ Teeth Products Corporation, itis evident that the letter contains the recipient, as well as thesender in the end. The letter also makes use of an introductoryparagraph that states the reason for the letter. The letter alsoincorporates a request section where the sales assistant has offeredthe client the client an opportunity to ask for further details withregard to the backorder.

Whereasthe response to the client has communicated the intended message, itis imperative to state that the letter was inappropriate. It is clearthat that the sales assistant does not apologize to the clientdespite the delay for the order. In addition, the salesrepresentative fails to address the letter directly to the managingdirector of ABC Dental, but rather addresses the letter to ABC Dentalas a whole. It is also clear that the sales assistant is notapologetic to the client for the delay to deliver the ordered items.This is because the sales assistant failed to incorporate the detailssection of the letter where an explanation of the backorder couldhave been offered. This was a letter that had the potential ofbreaking a good business relationship between the two businesspartners.

Themain ethical issue being manifested in the business letter iscourtesy between the two business entities. The sales assistant failsto become clearly courteous enough to apologize and offer anexplanation of the backorder. Integrity issues are also eminent inthis business letter. It is right of every client to be treatedequally and with dignity. It is evidently clear from the businessletter that ABC Dental was treated with little dignity andappreciation. Reading the business letter from a client’sperspective such as ABC Dental portrays a tone of arrogance andnon-apologetic. Despite the fact that the items ordered by the clientwere not shipped on time, the sales assistant failed to inform theclient the exact time as to when the items will be delivered.Additionally, there is no apology or explanation for the backorder.It is vital to state that the client will be unhappy with the letter,and it will attract the intended purpose. It is clear that the salesassistant informs the client that he will understand, whereas noexplanation has been offered.


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