Bible and Code of Hammurabi


Bibleand Code of Hammurabi

Comparingthe bible and code of Hammurabi, they have a common factor in thatthey provide some guidance concerning how people should behave. Theconduct of individuals seems to be controlled by these two documents.One of the issues that the two documents have in common concerns theconduct towards others. Both documents provide how individuals shouldbehave towards others, but the provisions are different. However,although the provisions are different, the manner in which the twodocuments teach conduct towards others is through condemning. Forexample, the Bible condemns coveting another man’s wife andstealing, while the code of Hammurabi condemns stealing and falsewitness. Another common ground between the two documents entailsshowing what the repercussions will be as a result of being involvedin bad behavior.

However,the two documents differ in the presentation of what is expected ofindividuals in the society although there are some issues that bothdocuments talk about, the relationship between the Supreme Being andman is presented in a different manner. The Bible presents what isexpected of man towards God, but the code of Hammurabi does notpresent what man is expected to do with respect to God.

Thereare common concerns presented in the two documents. One of theconcerns entails stealing stealing has been discussed in bothdocuments. Other concerns discussed in both documents includerespecting parents, slavery, accusations, and fights. There seems tobe a similarity in the concept where the law documented in the twodocuments originates or the punishments for breaking these lawsbecause in most cases, the punishment for most behavior is linkedwith getting the same treatment or death.


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