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Bookand Movie Review


Bookand Movie Review

TheNew Worldis a movie about Pocahontas, her family, and their experiences withthe Englishmen who arrived by ships. Pocahontas and her Indian familyare daunted by the advancement in technology of the Englishmenespecially with the ships that they have arrived in. The Englishmen,on the other hand, are also taken aback by the simple lives that theIndians are living. They even refer to them as “the naturals”because of the way that they are able to live around nature with muchease and comfort. It, therefore, brings into focus an imagination ofhow the two tribes from different backgrounds come together and finda method of communicating with each other. The book ‘JohnSmith`s The General Historie of Virginia, New England, and the SummerIsles’is about two English companies going to North America London and thePlymouth companies. After the latter is defeated by the former, thearea that they occupied, previously referred to as Virginia, came tobe known as New England. In a nutshell, both the book and the movieare set in Virginia and are about the interactions of Indians and theEnglishmen (Tanka &amp Baym, 1998).

Firstof all, the book is significant in the sense that its writer, Johnsmith, an English explorer, and had experienced and witnessed infirst hand most of the things that are detailed in this movie. It ismentioned that there are certain aspects of it, especially those thatare adapted in the movie, that were narrated to him by those that hehad left behind (Tanka &amp BAym, 1998).

Akey theme within this movie as well as in the reading is therelationships that existed between the native Indians and Englishmen.In the movie, this comes up because Englishmen come into the land ofthe Indians, the clansmen of Pocahontas. In the book, it is about thearrival of the two different companies to the south of America. Therewere, of course, a lot of cultural differences that must have eruptedbetween the two groups because they came from totally differentbackgrounds. The book states, “Englishmendemanded of the Amoroleck, why they came in that manner to betray usthat came to them in peace and to seek their love. He answered theyheard that we were a people come from under the world to take theirworld from them”(Smith, 2006 pp. 42).

Accordingto the paramount chief Powhatan, the Englishmen had arrived in hisland without prior permission and even went ahead to occupy itwithout paying their respects to him and other leaders of the Indianclans that existed in South America. It has been established that theEnglishmen were the newcomers to this land since they came and foundthat the Indians had already settled there. This, therefore, meantthat the Indians were not only more in number, but also had culturesand systems which had already been put in place for a longer period.For this reason, in 1607, the Indians outnumbered the English.

Inthe movie, TheNew World,Commandant Newport stated that they were not there to pillage andraid. This showed the level of insecurity that was harbored by theIndian natives at the arrival of the foreigners, to the extent thatthey wanted to hang Smith. Eventually, they gave him another chance,albeit with a warning.

Anothertheme that is significant in both the book and the movie is aboutsettlement and exploration. This book enables the reader to walkthrough a journey almost similar to that which was travelled by theEnglish until they entered this land. Their first reaction had been arelief. This is because they had obviously spent a lot of time in thewater. Since they were many, they may not have been that comfortablein those ships, hence making the sight of the land one to behold.Their second reaction was awe. They were positively amazed by thefresh land and the tall trees that existed on this land. In the book,Percy mentions… “butwe could find nothing worth the speaking of but fair meadows andgoodly tall trees, with such fresh waters running through the woodsas I was almost ravished at the first sight thereof…”(Smith 2006). Lastly, they were soon overcome by fear. The reasonbehind this entails the excitement that they had felt upon landing inAmerica they began to realize that they were in a strange place. Allthe things that had been familiar to them remained back home,including their families and friends.

Inconclusion, between the book and the movie, the book seems to havecarried out its purpose in the most appropriate way. The reason isthat it has detailed information, having been written by a person whotook part in the exploration himself, with additional informationfrom others too who had been there. In contrast, this movie is asimple adaption of the book may have altered information to suit theaudience and the purpose of the film.


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