Appleis without a doubt the king in the today’s mobile phone sector. Ithas been able to come up with products that are attractive tocustomers as well as unique. Apple has excelled in innovativemarketing strategies, ensuring brand loyalty, controlling pricesthrough differentiation and hyping the launch of their products(Worstall, 2013). Apples strategy is center around providing high endproducts to the high end clientele in the market. Apple’s focus onpremium products and pricing them at premium rates has paid off.People have shown that they are ready to pay premium rates for highquality products.

Sonyon the other hand is world renown as a force to reckon with in theelectronics and entertainment sector. However it has been strugglingto penetrate into the mobile phone sector. Though it has been able torealize growth, it is still way behind competitors such as Apple. Itsrecent approach of monitoring sudden market changes, timely adding tothe Xperia brand and continuing to offer a variety of Smartphoneaccessories has been successful. The Smartphone sector is veryvolatile and being able to understand sudden market changes ensuresthat products are designed in favor of consumer’s immediatepreferences (Worstall, 2013).

Applein my view needs to now shift its focus on the low end customers. Thebrand is loved by many across the world, however, most of theconsumers in undeveloped and developing countries cannot afford(Worstall, 2013). There are lots of potentials consumers in thismarkets and I would recommend that Apple introduces cheap iPhonesinto the market. On the other hand, I think that Sony’s presentstrategy of swiftly making products depending on market changes andoffering a wide range of unique Smartphone accessories is the bestway to go. However, it needs to have aggressive branding andmarketing approaches. The steady growth it has experienced since theimplementation of the present strategies is proof that consumers areready for it products.


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