Themarketing initiatives are expected to cost a total of $470&nbspmillionannually for Unilever Company, which will ensure the requiredpersistent visibility. All the personnel would wear branded t-shirtswhen serving the customers and would be expected to offer exceptionalquality service to every customer.

Objectiveand TaskMethod

Thebudgeting uses the Objective and Task Method.The reasoning behind this method is because it focuses on thetargeted accomplishment rather than the cash involved. The methodchosen allows decision that makes achievement of goals to be rolledout and funded promptly. Finally, this method is very instrumental inmanaging the relationship between promotion results and marketingcosts. Despite requiring more details, this method has greatmonitoring capacity. Below is a breakdown of the marketing budget forUnilever Company that covers a whole year.

Budget Categories

Total Budget

fixed costs


Marketing staff


Contact Lists


General Admin


Memberships &amp Associations


fixed costs subtotal


variable costs


risk management


Public Relations


Advertising (print)


Advertising (online)


Marketing research


Content Production


Events &amp Sponsorships


Creative Agency Fees


variable costs subtotals