September 19, 2014

To:All job-seeking Students


Tips on how to ask for recommendation letters from employers andprofessors.

Jobseeking can be a very tiring and demoralizing process so you need toknow how to choose your references. The manner in which you ask for arecommendation letter makes a whole lot of difference. Arecommendation letter will give you an extra needed push for that jobyou are seeking.

Werecommend the following tips as you ask for recommendation lettersfrom your professors and employers:

Itis highly advisable to arrange a face-to-face meeting with thepotential reference and ask for the recommendation letter in person.If there is a chance of you meeting, I recommend that you don’tcall the potential reference. A phone call should be second best andnot the first option. Meeting with the potential reference helpshim/her to ask what you need to be included in the reference. I willnot recommend that you send an email. This should come as a lastresort

Inaddition, don’t assume that the potential reference will write aradiant referenceletter for you. You need to recommend, ask thepotential reference to include what you need in the letter. But thereshould be no flattery recommends.

Finally,a grateful gesture goes a long way! Do not command, request. Learn touse words such as thank you and please. It takes time and effort towrite a recommendation letter. Show that you appreciate the effort.Even if the potential reference declines to give a recommendation, donot be rude. Sincere grateful words are always appropriate.

Ihope you find this helpful and I would appreciate your feedback onthis. Thank you.