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Explainhow a drug case in a federal district court could come to be heard bythe Supreme Court. List the steps that it would have to go through tobe heard by the full Court.

Adrug case can only land in the hand of the Supreme Court from thefederal district courts only if it is being appealed. An appeal maybe due to the decisions held by the district courts for a certaincase (Harr et al., 2012). Under this condition, the Supreme Court canhave an original jurisdiction over a drug case that involvesambassadors, consuls or public ministers and where the state is aparty. It is worth noting the very few cases can be heard by theSupreme Court.


  1. File an appeal to the Supreme Court

  2. If the court grants permission to hear the case after its perusal, the court hears the case in oral arguments where each side presents their cases orally

  3. After hearing the oral presentations, the Justices convene a conference. Here, they discuss the case deeply and vote on the new petition of certiorari if any.

  4. The justice that is in charge of writing the opinion circulates a written result of the vote. During this stage, any justice can change his or her opinion and vote again on the case at hand depending on the side that he or she deems fit.

  5. In the case the nine justices are not in the office, and the votes tie, the decision of the district court is upheld

  6. If there is no tie in votes, the court announces its results in either of the three last months of the term May, June or July

  7. The stand so announced is final and cannot be appealed


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