Case Study Analysis

CaseStudy Analysis

CaseStudy Analysis

Thescenario was not actually surprising to me. Such situations are verycommon since most team meetings seldom help members since many teammembers find it very hard to concentrate. Nonetheless, it would bevery annoying and disappointing to be in such a team. Any hardworkingperson would be very disappointed to be in a team that is oftendistracted and procrastinating. Such scenarios could be avoidedthrough recognizing that the team is procrastinating, work out thereason why the team is procrastinating and working outanti-procrastination strategies. These steps will help recognize,deal with and control such the situation.

Severalapproaches could be adopted to help deal with the conflict. The firstapproach is to proposing ways to eliminate distractions. Most of theteam members could be overwhelmed by mingling which could be set upfor breaks after accomplishing certain goals or tasks. Anotherapproach would be to ensure the team focuses on one task at a timeand set dates by which tasks need to be completed. It would also benecessary to make sure that the team leverages the “pleasant”tasks and work on the odious tasks first. Helping in planning taskswould also work and putting rewards for team members afteraccomplishing the tasks would create a craving and making teammembers look forward to completing a task.

Notably,to ensure the success of the aforementioned approaches several thingshave to be considered. It would be advisable to have someone check upon the performance of the team after certain time to have facts toback up arising concerns. Peer pressure helps keep the team focused.Another thing to do is to discuss concerns and problems’ arising inthe team to make members aware of the risk the team is taking.Additionally, it is important to ensure team members have adequateenergy to deal with task such by avoiding meetings during eveningsand when depressed. It is important to avoiding lambasting specificteam members or making them feel inferior and lazy. Also it is bestnot to shy away from proposing strict agenda or telling weaknesses ofa team member.

Tosum up, the approaches discussed will help ensure teammates are awarewith the discontent of the situation in the team. Making themunderstand and helping resolve the scenario will ensure tasks areaccomplished within the required timelines.


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