Case Study Questions


CaseStudy Questions


Somecharacteristics of survey research are that it should have specificobjectives, in this research, the specific objective that Marriotthas is to obtain information on the efficiency of their mobile site.Another characteristic is that the questions that are asked should bestraight forward (Kreuter, 2013). The survey done by Marriott hasdone this by asking short questions that are to the point. Finallythe survey should be done on the proper sample. Given that it istheir customers who answer the questions, the sample could not be anymore appropriate.


Althoughit had numerous advantages, the mobile based survey used by Marriotthad some disadvantages too. One such disadvantage was that the kindof questions that had to be asked had to be designed in such a waythat they required short answers. This was because it was assumedthat most of the people who used the mobile site were on the go andwould therefore not have time to answer extensive questions. It wouldtherefore not be possible to obtain a lot of information which wouldbe useful in enhancing the service provision by Marriott.


Themobile based system of research that is being used by Marriott isworking in an excellent way. However this does not mean that theprogram can be improved in order for it to be more profitable toMarriott.One addition I would make to the program is to add a fewlonger questions that will help the research team to gather moreinformation. This is because it was found out that a third of therespondents who answered the short questions did so from the comfortof their homes. This means that they are able to answer the questionsthat are a little bit longer. It would benefit the program if wefound a way to collect this data from them.


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