Case Study Scenario Response


CaseStudy Scenario Response

AlthoughCarla had chosen to work in a small practice because it was arelatively low stress area, the impending changes were a suitableopportunity to advance her skills as a medical assistant. The companyknew that the entire staff was not skilled in the electronic system,so she would benefit from thorough coaching from the professionalsthe company would hire to train its new employees. Her decision tostay in a small practice was advisable even though her friend hadinformed her that she could apply for an open MA position in theirpractice. In addition, she would have continued enjoying a low-stressenvironment because they were not upgrading to an electronic system.However, the transfer would have denied Carla an opportunity forupgrading her skills. Besides, the new service might take longerbefore upgrading to the new technology, but it will later upgrade.Carla’s dedication and determination for helping her colleagues infamiliarizing with the new technology were favorable to her careersince it promoted good working relationship with her superiors andcolleagues. New work skills prevent unprofessional conduct that canreduce an individual’s morale for attending patients (Devettere,2010).

Carla’sdecision to join a local university and upgrade her education tobachelor’s degrees was a smart move as it guaranteed her fastercareer development. However, she would have informed her employersthat she intended to join the university so that they could plan aflexible working plan. Although she was never late, and her qualityof work remained impressive, her tight learning and working schedulemust have prevented her from engaging in leisure activities. Forinstance, she could have preferred studying to interacting withfriends, doing her leisure time hobbies, being with her family,dieting properly, and exercising to stay healthy. The busy schedulecould have led to health issues such as excessive weight gain andgrowing more distant with loved ones (Devettere, 2010). Nevertheless,her unrelenting determination to achieve excellent evaluation resultswith receiving assistance from her colleagues was impressive becauseit encourages acquisition of group dynamism skills.

AfterCarla had overheard the purchasing agent’s abusing her authority bytrying to acquire computers for her business unethically, she madethe right decision by reporting her to the superiors. If she failedto report, he would have engaged in unethical practices herselfbecause she has a responsibility of enhancing transparency in thecompany. In addition, unethical behaviors of the purchasing agentwould have spoilt the reputation of everyone in the practice. IfCarla had decided to warn the purchasing agent of her unethicalbehaviors without reporting the case to the superiors, the agentwould have looked for means to have her sacked because had engaged inseveral unscrupulous practices as subsequent investigation showed.Carla was a professional employee. Unprofessionalism in workenvironment hinders open communication.

Carla’shonesty and excellent performance earned her promotion as a member ofa new committee in charge of opening new clinics in town. Althoughshe is afraid that her performance might be compromised by theunprofessional conduct of the group, which was hindering effectivecommunication, her best option was encouraging the members to creategroup guidelines they would be following during meetings.IfI were in her position, I would write down desired groupcommunications and then request them to endorse of modify the rulesthat would help effective administration of the committee (Devettere,2010). Furthermore, introducing a reward program for key contributorscould help in restoring order in the groups.

Carla’ssuperiors recognized her determined effort in transforming the groupfor the better and made her the team leader. Despite her fear thatshe lacked adequate experience, her resolution to identifyingbenchmarking hospitals and hotels in the hospitality was a smartmove. The hospitality skills, combined with her research findingshelped her in acquiring professional knowledge that assists inachieving desirable patient outcome (Devettere, 2010).

SinceCarla is now at a high work promotion, she should start training tolose weight. In addition, she should upgrade her wardrobe so that shemay look presentable in public. In addition, losing weight willpromote good health and self-confidence she requires when addressingconferences (Devettere, 2010). Similarly, perfect health will allowher to focus on her career growth and to achieve desired patientoutcome.


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