Celebration of the Liberation Day in Kuwait

Celebrationof the Liberation Day in Kuwait

Celebrationof the Liberation Day in Kuwait

Countrieshave different public holidays that remind them about significantevents or process that bears that contributed towards theirestablishment and progress. Similar to other countries, Kuwait hasseveral public holidays that underscore the iconic history of theexistence of Kuwait as a nation state. The Liberation Day is one ofthese public holidays that is celebrated by all citizens in Kuwait.The Liberation Day is celebrated on February 26, marking the day whenSaddam Hussein pulled his troops out of Kuwait after occupying theland and oppressing its people for a period of seven months. Saddamwithdrew his troops on February 26 1991 and the day has beenperceived as the Kuwait’s second liberation day. The day iscelebrated with joy and praise to a coalition of military officersled by the U.S. army for its efforts to drive Iraqi’s army out ofKuwait. Kuwait celebrates to honor the martyrs and prisoners of warstill held in Iraq.

Althoughthere are some celebration events that are organized by the state forall citizens, individual citizens and families have their unique waysof celebrating. Celebrations by individual citizens and familiesdiffer depending on the significance of the Liberation Day to theindividual citizen of the family. My family celebrates the day in twoways. First, each of the family members (including parents andchildren) takes part in the public gatherings and get-together thatbrings together all members of the public. As a family, we see thesepublic gatherings as well as the get-together as symbols of unity andan identity of the people of Kuwait. We, as a family participate inthe public celebrations from morning to some hours past midday. Aftertaking part in the public celebration events, all members of myfamily gather at a pre-selected hotel from where we eat and celebratetogether. Our celebrations at the family level begin with my fathernarrating about events that resulted in selection of February 26 asthe Liberation Day. This is done to help the young siblingsunderstand the reasons for celebrations and ensure that the adults inthe family attach a meaning to the celebrations.

Theholiday has several fascinating events, but the event the manner inwhich adolescents and teens celebrate the day, especially along theGulf Road is worth watching. These Kuwait youngsters spay untoldamounts of silly string on motorists passing on the Gulf Road.Although the connection between this type of celebration and theLiberation Day has not been established, the teen and adolescentsapply all their efforts to ensure that all motorists (including thosewho try to escape) receive at least some foamy sprays. Mostinterestingly, the youngsters open the doors when possible and spraythe foam in the interior of cars, because it appears more funnycompared to the outside. Observing the teens and adolescents chaseafter cars in laughter and the adult drivers trying to escape thefoam spays makes my day.

Inconclusion, the Liberation Day is one of the most significant publicholidays in Kuwait because it marks the liberation of the countryfrom the military oppression by the government of Iraq. The countrycelebrates to honor the coalition of military that liberated theKuwait from Iraq, prisoners of war, and the martyrs. Apart from thepublic celebrations, individual members of the public and theirfamilies organize other events to celebrate the day depending on thesignificance they attach to the Liberation Day. The most interestingpart of the day is spraying of white foams in cars by adolescents andteens along the Gulf Road.