Chapter Four


BiometricSystems as They Relates to Workplace Security

Abiometric system is a device that uses technology to identify humanbeings by identifying and analysing intrinsic physical or behaviouraltraits (Ortmeier,2013).The device can identify human fingerprints, voice patterns, eyeretinas and irises, hand measurement, and facial patterns. In otherwords, a biometric automatically identifies, verifies, andauthenticates a natural person. The use of a biometric device in workplaces ensures high level of security.

Sincebiometric system involves processing of personal data, it is easy toidentify risks that may affect privacy of employees, as well as thatof the work place. In addition, it is possible to restrictinformation to authorised staff only. This is because the systemrequires a password for it to open. Further, a biometric systemprovides a secure verification and identification of all employeesusing their unique qualities. Dempsey(2010), also states that biometric devices offers sufficient overallsecurity when a premise is unoccupied.

Pre-EmploymentScreening as it Relates to Workplace

Pre-employmentscreening is the process whereby organisations investigate thebackground of their potential employees before they formally employthem. They may investigate the possible criminal history, employersanctions, compensation claims, among others. Pre-employmentscreening increases the rate of security in a work place.

Pre-employmentscreening minimizes workplace violence (Ortmeier,2013).Background check enables an organisation to identify the quarrelsomeapplicants hence, avoid them in the organisation. The pre-employmentprocess include counter checking the applicant records in thecriminal record, education verification, drug testing, licenceverification, and investigating potential warning signs. Theseinvestigations reduce internal and external thefts, workplaceviolence, harassment, sexual harassment, and high-risk terminations.In addition, pre-employment screening provides assurance that thepotential employees are trustworthy to perform their assigned tasks.In the process, the organisation can deter the dishonest individuals.


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