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ChelleLutz, Human ResourcesColorado Department of EducationColoradoSchool for the Deaf and the Blind33 North InstituteStreetColorado Springs, CO 80903E-mail: [email protected]

Dear Mr. Lutz,

Please accept the enclosed resume as an expression of my interest inthe position of your prestigious institution. I read about a jobopening in the position of a teacher of the deaf at Colorado Schoolfor the Deaf and the Blind and I would like to apply for theposition. I am interested in a career in working in schools for thedeaf and am planning to relocate to Colorado in the near future.Notably, I am deaf myself and will love to get this job. I would alsobe interested in learning more about the position and itsavailability.

A teacher of the deaf position at your school has always been a longterm career objective of mine. Now that I have enough experience andtraining, I wish to apply for the position in your school.

As a recent graduate of the Vermont Center for the Deaf and Hard ofHearing and Austin School for the Deaf, I have certificates in CrisisPrevention Intervention. Additionally, I have a lot of experience asa teacher for the deaf/blind having taught in several schools.

My resume, which is enclosed, contains additional information on myexperience and skills. I would welcome the opportunity to confer myskills to you and to make available further information on mycandidacy. After reading my enclosed resume, please consider me forthe position. My desire to work in a school for the deaf/blind isvery strong and I believe that once I join your organization, we willtogether take the school to greater heights and exceed theexpectations of many.

I submit my application and interest in working in your reputedinstitution due to several key reasons. I operate effectively withinsuch an environment, having acquired a lot of skills in non-violentcrisis intervention and American Sign Language. Outstandingly, I amalso resolute, methodical and highly dedicated to working with thedeaf. I want to obtain a teacher of the deaf position in your schoolsince I believe it will utilize my analytical and teachingbackground. I can assure you that, if given the opportunity, I wouldgladly apply my competencies and aptitude to add value to theinstitution. Moreover, I have recognized that I have excellentmanagement skills that a vital for the teacher of the deaf position.This is illustrated by the recognition, awards and accomplishment ofoutstanding service and initiative taking in my preceding jobpositions. Therefore, I would uphold the chance of working as ateacher of the deaf in your school.

At the present time, I am an American Sign Language Teacher at theVermont Center for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, where I specializein teaching sign language to the deaf. The position, together withother preceding ones, has helped me work with and understand suchpeople alongside with acquiring knowledge on how to guide them withtheir curriculum. I am known to be patient with such students,nurturing and good at managing their proficiency in various areas. Inmy studying period at various centers for the deaf, I have discoveredmy passion to work with those hard of hearing. I have alsospearheaded and coordinated field trips for my students withclassroom instruction.

It is my goal to coalesce my competencies and long range of teachingexperience with the deaf to be a compassionate, understanding and yetfocused teacher of the deaf, who will make a great contribution toachieving the goals of your school.

Thank you for your time and attention. I look forward to hearing fromyou in the near future. I can be reached at any time through email ormy cell phone and will gladly respond upon request.



Bob Lenderman