Child Abuse


Dealingwith child abuse

Itis not usual for the small children like Kasey to share an abusiveexperience or child’s mother to reveal abuse by the child’sfather directly (McCoy &amp Keen, 2009). Most of the child abusedisclosures are indirect, which implies that Kasey’s mother(Sherry) could not share important details without being prompted.Therefore, I would recognize further possible clues concerning Kaseyabuse through asking more questions to get further hints. I knowsometimes it is difficult for the reporter of the child abuse todisclose the abuser, especially if it is someone they love, as in ourcase of Kasey’s father. After getting all information regarding thechild abuse, I would report suspicious child neglect and abuse to therelevant authorities while keeping child abuse informationconfidential (Jackson-Cherry &amp Erford, 2014 Lau, Krase &ampMorse, 2009).

Listof questions

Sherry,after Kasey fell down did you took her to the hospital?

DidKasey develop stomach complications upon the accident or after sometime?

Sherry,why is Kasey afraid to sleep without her nightlight? Is she afraid ofhis father?

Sherry,why have separated with Kasey’s father?

Theinformation presented in the case study that influenced my decisionabout reporting child abuse is derived from the clues presented bythe Sherry. The information includes the change of Kasey’s behavioras she can’t even participate in family and school activities andshe is afraid of adults and Kasey’s health conditions such asbruises and frequent stomach aches. Additionally, Kasey’s change ofbehavior after Sherry separate from Kasey’s father is also anevidence of Kasey’s abuse by her father.

Atfederal and state level, child laws exist to keep child free fromharm, danger and exploitation amounting to the sexual, physical,psychological, and emotional forms of abuse. However, state laws suchas mandatory reporter laws provide mandatory reporting of child abusesuspicion by certain professions such as doctors to the relevantauthorities (Steiner &amp Miller, 2014).


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