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Researchhas shown that one in three families all over the world are affectedby domestic violence. It affects people from all walks of life,regardless of their educational background, social, economic statusor even age (Kenney,2012). However, research has shown that it is mostly children, womenthat are mostly affected by domestic violence. Men are also affectedbut at a very low percentage. When faced with domestic violence, manyfamilies flee their homes in search of shelter and basicaccommodation until things have settled down.

Someorganizations have come up with shelters to house families affectedby domestic violence. They also offer other services to thesefamilies like to provide lawyers, counseling and even basiceducation. These services range from one shelter home to another, andnot all shelter homes offer the same services. This paper willcompare children resources offered by two different shelter servicesin Santa Monica CA.

Goodshepherd shelter

Thisshelter is located in Los Angeles and has been existence for the last110 years. The shelter offers fully furnished residential apartmentsto families that have fled their homes due to domestic violence. Thismakes the family feel safer and also gives the mother a chance tostart practicing being a single mother. The facility also has anadult education center that teaches, among other things,self-defense, stress management, parenting, nutrition and first aid.The facility has a children’s tutorial center. This centerunderstands the needs of the individual child and offers tutorials tohelp a traumatized child to catch up with other children. Thefacility also has a preschool for younger children. This gives theyounger children a chance to interact and develop a sense ofself-worth. The facility also has a counseling department that offersthe family a chance of healing by expressing their feelings(Ungar,2011). Lastly, the facility has a legal department that offers themother’s legal advice.

OPCC`sSojourn Services

Thiswas the second shelter services opened for families faced withdomestic violence in California. Sojourn services offer shelterservices. They also have a children’s program that offersspecialized educational facilities to children that have beenaffected by domestic violence. The children are also counseledindividually during their stay at the facility. The facility alsooffers court advocacy services. This offers the affected familieslegal support throughout any criminal and civil court proceedings.Sojourn has recently rolled out non-residential services. This offersthe same services to families that have been affected by domesticviolence, but might not be staying at the facility.

Bothsojourn and good shepherd shelter offer the same services. The bothoffer counseling and educational services to the affected families.They also offer accommodation services to the affected families. Theyboth also offer legal services for the families in the event theyhave any civil or criminal court proceedings.

However,good shepherd shelter offers superior services than sojourn shelter.They have tailor made services that meet the needs of these families.They have residential units that offer the family a feeling of safetywhile also making sure that the mother can start practicing on theessentials of becoming a single mother. Their adult education center,tutorial centers and preschool ensure that the family feels at homeand that the children continue with their school work.


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