Civil Liability & Contract Law at Workplace


CivilLiability &amp Contract Law at Workplace



1.Civil liability as it relates to workplace security

TheCivil Liability refers to compensation for damages. Act protectsemployees from incurring individual civil liabilities at theirrespective work places. Employees are required to work in good faithso thatthe Act can cover them. Their work must be organized andsupervised. The employee is held liable if the injuries sustainedwere as a result of his negligence (Bidgoli,2010).The factors that prove breach of this Act is that the wrong must becommitted. The other criterion used is to access whether the wrong isimmaterial and verify facts. In addition, the wrong is also analyzedto identify whether it was authorized or not. The employers could beheld liable if their actions caused injuries to their employees. Theemployer will avoid the consequences of this Act if it is proven thatthe employee acted in a way that directly did not relate toemployment (Bidgoli,2010).

2.Contract law as it relates to workplace security

Theemployment contract law includes all the rights and responsibilitiesof the employer- employee contractual terms (Ortmeier, 2013). Itcovers current and former members of staff as well as job applicants.The employment contract is guided by the Federal laws due to workrelated issues that may occur. Issues such as discrimination, unfairtermination, poor remuneration and workplace security are governed bythe state law. The state contract law can at times dictate the dutiesof the two parties when the employment relationship involves a validcontract (Ortmeier, 2013). Most of the nations guarantee employeesthe right of privacy at their workplaces. It includes personalbelongings like briefcases and private mails among others. Theemployee`s privacy and security may be invaded in occasions wherethey use the employer’s facilities for personal use such as theinternet.


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