Civil Liberties






Mostof the people believe their rights are absolute and they are safe totalk freely about the governments. We have not adequately succeededin preserving our rights and freedoms because most of the times werely heavily on the instruments of a democratic government to protectour rights. For instance, in circumstances where we intend to limitabusive interests of the state such as unreasonable appropriation ofour belonging, we depend on government to help us solve these issues.Most of the public forums do little to harm or threaten the libertyof citizens. We would also be unsophisticated to disregard thereality that a democratic government can pass laws that violate ourcivil liberties and fundamental human rights.


Ifeel that we should trust the government to do the right thing.Sometimes we assume that our civil liberties and rights are due tothe omission of some government action. We also believe that ourfreedom of speech or religion is experienced when the government isreluctant to disrupt these freedoms. In reality, these rights andfreedoms depend on an active government that will take positiveactions. All the rights and privileges enjoyed by citizens dependheavily on the government. In addition, the civil liberties andrights are political constructs that represent government creations.

Theother reason for trusting the government to do the right thing isbecause rights do not exist until they are created in theconstitution. It means that we have these rights because they areguaranteed in our constitution and the absence of government rightswould not exist. Citizens themselves use particular governmentagencies such as courts to stop other government departments frominterfering with their rights and freedoms. For instance, theAmerican Union actively uses courts to protect theirrights of vote, freedom of religion and speech.


Thecurrent rights provided are comprehensive enough and onceimplemented, they will be of assistance to the citizens. They includethe basic human rights that every citizen would wish to have. Themost important basic human right granted is the right to impression.Citizens have the right to receive and impart ideas withoutinterference. The rights are essential for the dignity and personaldevelopment. The achievement of one right is necessary for thefulfillment of other rights. Freedom among citizens is an integralpart of amnesty international`s agenda and is linked to rights ofexpressing opinions, freedom of conscience as well as religion. Ifthe government implements these rights and freedoms, the citizenswill be more than glad to enjoy the privileges granted.


Themedia do a recommendable job as a watchdog for our government. Thefreedom of media helps to monitor and investigate the governmentwrongdoing and abuses. They then report their findings to the publicwho are have invested interests in the state. The media`s influenceon public`s life is characterized by their watchdog role inmonitoring government activities. The freedom is considered crucialto democracy. The effectiveness of media`s role revolves around thecontrol, technology, ethics and the content of stories covered. Itinforms the public on the intentions of the government and calls forthe public opinions on proposed projects. In addition, the media actthe main channel where the public can access all the informationregarding issues arising within the state.