Code of Ethics Enforced By American Counselling

Codeof Ethics Enforced By American Counselling

Codeof Ethics Enforced By American Counselling

TheAmerican Counselling Association (ACA) and the American Associationof Christian Counsellors (AACC) guide the pastoral counsellors,Christian mental health practitioners, chaplains, ministers, andcaregivers in their counselling work. This are set of guideline thatenlightens and guides them through counselling sessions. All the codeof ethics on both associations creates the best counselling outcomesfor the professional counsellors, as well as their clients. However,the ACC and AACC codes of the ethics have various instructions aboutusing spirituality in their counselling sessions.

TheAACC and ACA code of ethics states the counselling sessions shouldaim to the spiritual growth and change for the participants. Inaddition, the procedure should aim at assisting the participants toknow Christ. Therefore, at the end of the counselling section, theparticipant should be mature in spiritual life and understand thatevery human being is according to the image of God (ACCC, 2007).These codes of ethics state that all Christian counsellors shoulddedicate their live to the lord rather than to their professionalvalue. This commitment helps the counsellors to have ethicalintegrity in their work hence, they are able to deal with any clientthey come across.

Inaddition, AACC and ACA code of ethics prohibits counsellors to usetheir spiritual background for their own good or gain. For instance,counsellors should never guide their clients to their own favours.Instead, they should be neutral. Further, according to both codes ofethics, counsellors should not discriminate against clients due totheir ethnicity, gender, marital status, language preferences,culture, as well as their religion or spirituality. In case a clientis from a different religion, the counsellor should set aside his orher personal religion background, beliefs, and values.


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