Code of the streets

Codeof the streets


Theno snitching culture pertains to condemining any act by a citizen ofbeing an informer to the police. The code of the streets pertains toprotecting fellow criminals or not telling on criminals largelyinvolved drugs trade and street gangs. I have not observed thisculture in my neighborhood as it is not prone to rampant drug dealingor street gangs. It appears that this culture would be prevalent inareas under street gangs and drug lords whereby several individualsmanipulate the police for their own selfish gains. In essence, theytrade information with law enforcers for a number of benefits.

Myfamily has no relative or close family friend involved in any streetgang that I know. This would technically lock me and family out ofthe stop snitching culture or street family association. I thereforeconsider my family a decent one by local standards given that therehas been no family member involved in drug dealing or drug trade.Furthermore, my immediate neighbors are also decent families hence nostreet family association.

Thepolice response to stop snitching culture has been to protectsnitches. This is recognition of the important role snitches, thoughbeing manipulative and selfish in their reason for telling on others,play in the fight against street gangs and the drug menace. I firmlybelieve that the police response to the stop snitching culture wouldbe effective in fighting crime as snitches are more motivated to comeforward in secret. I assume that all neighborhoods in the US, exceptprobably the elite neighborhoods, have drug a drug dealer. Whetherthis new approach to stop snitching culture by police has suppressedtheir activities in my area or that there is none is something that Icannot confirm or deny. I however believe that the new approach bypolice can work well in neighborhoods facing problems of streetgangs.