Communication Strategies




Theissues of information access, tribalization and commercializationrelate, whether directly of or indirectly to the internet and publiccommunication. Internet is seen as another mass enterprise especiallyfor advertising revenue. Many commercialists communicate with oneanother through the ideas on the internet. Many online deliberationsand debates have different groups getting along. In most cases, youwill find people of one tribe siding together against people of adifferent tribe or even race. There is as well as lack of democracymay it be educational sector or even political arenas.

Internetcould simplify debates that encourage an independent exchange ofnotions and ideas. True ideal public never exist thus recreation ofonline info that never really existed offline. This is so since theInternet createsglamorized perfect of a public sphere. It is easierto transfer political discussions online than offline. This leads tocreation of info online even though it never exist offline.

Virtualsphere is a term used by Papachirissi to try and drive the point ofeffective use of internet as well as understanding of public sphereat home. The usage of this term by Papachirissi adds some meaningfulunderstanding to the public sphere in that it expounds the dialectsof public sphere. Virtual sphere makes it easier for the reader tounderstand the deeper meaning of public sphere and how to applyvarious aspects of internet to the real life.

No,in my opinion, they have created a new dimension instead. This meansthat these technologies have weakened the modern public sphere in thesense that there is a lot of tribalism and disintegration ofpolitical treatise. There is a lot of inequality due to the digitalmedia and web since those who have no access to it are still in thedark of what is on the ground.