Community mental health center

Communitymental health center

1.Given the fact that the mental health center is receiving quite asubstantial number of immigrants referred to the center, it isnecessary for the administration to consider establishing anall-people friendly environment. Strategy staffing will beappropriate in this situation since it will allow the administrationto first evaluate the needs of the health center prior to the hiringprocess. It is during this evaluation that employee with skills tohandle the immigrants will be introduced to the facility. Soft skillsand team training will also be crucial.

2.Soft skills training equips members of the center with appropriatecommunication and coping skills that will enhance the desiredenvironment (Oerlemans &amp Peeters, 2009). Team training enhancescooperation between multicultural communities of employees within thecenter.

3.Teamwork training will also improve intergroup work relation amongemployees from differing cultural backgrounds. It will enable them tounderstand and appreciate their differences providing a friendlyenvironment for all. DSM criteria can be used effectively even onpatients who have a low proficiency in English. The effectiveness ofthe using DSM is enhanced when the process is being undertaken by acompetent professional. The professional has to be skillful enough onhow to handle people from diverse backgrounds. The effectiveness ismore guaranteed by the fact that DSM-5 has integrated new approachesin treatment and assessment of mental health to suit multiculturalcommunities ( KORN, 2013).

4.Evaluating an employee’s communication skills is a major step inevaluating their competence in handling patients from a multiculturalpopulation. Effective communication is vital in successful medicalassessment of the patient that translates to more suitable treatment.The employee also need to have adequate knowledge on other culturesin order for them to provide a homely environment for patientsthrough showing an understanding and appreciation for their culture,thus creating a good, patient rapport with them (Bemak &amp Chung,2011).


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