Comprehension Questions


My Friend Rabbit is a picture book by Eric Rohmann, where heillustrates the friendship between a rabbit and a mouse. The authorillustrates how rabbit unsuccessfully attempts to help mouse get hisplane from the tree (Rohmann, 2002).

  1. What do you suppose Rohmann intends to communicate to the reader by using the characters Rabbit and Mouse despite their difference in behavior?

  2. What is the relevance of mouse’s new toy in the book?

  3. Mouse demonstrates a lot of understanding towards his friend rabbit. Even when repeatedly rabbit continues to make mistakes, mouse clearly states that his friend means no harm. It is possible that mouse could be concealing his feelings when he sees that his airplane toy is destroyed. What happens to mouse’s toy and how do you think mouse feels when his toy lands in a tree?

  4. What is the relationship between what happens to the animals and our daily experiences when interacting with friends?

  5. Why do you think the author decides to use visual elements in the book in place of solely using writing?

  6. Mouse does not stop becoming a friend to rabbit despite all the trouble that he causes him. Why do you think mouse still considers rabbit as his friend?

  7. Do you think there would have been a better strategy of getting the airplane toy from the tree, which could have been more effective and one that does not require assistance from the other animals?

  8. What character traits does the author intend to encourage in the reader through his writing?

  9. What is the possible new idea that rabbit intends to introduce?

  10. Is it possible to relate the happenings in the book to a situation where you got in trouble with your friend and whether you solved the problem together?


Rohmann, E. (2002). My Friend Rabbit. Brookfield, Ct: RoaringBrook Press.