Concluding Case Question 1




Heatheris the marketing manager of Ma Earth Cosmetics Company. She isenthusiastic about promoting the company’s products but has beencaught up in an ethical dilemma. She realized that the company wasnot getting its products from the tribe rather, it gets orellanafrom few inexpensive mainstream suppliers. However, the companyclaimed to be getting its products from the tribe to build its brandname. Oblivious of this fact, Heather feels it is unethical topromote its product by using a small tribe. The company pays thetribe a significant amount of money in the pretence that they buyproducts from them while it gets its products elsewhere. The ideabehind this is to convey a message to customers that the product theyare using is precious and helps a great deal in developing a tribe.

MaEarth cosmetic has helped Amazon tribe greatly. However, it hascrossed its ethical boundaries. Even though the company is helpingthe tribe in development, it is not doing it in the right way. Itshould not use the name of the tribe to promote their productsknowing too well it does not get its products from them. Thecompany’s marketing strategy is deceitful even though a communityis developing at the expense. On the other hand, ma earth can claimit is behaving in an ethical manner as its main aim is to help atribe by purchasing a few products from them.


MaEarth’s way of promoting its products using Amazon tribe as ascapegoat is unethical. In turn, this may make Heather to follow suitand behave in an unethical way. Therefore, it is the responsibilityof the company’s overall management to create an ethical climatefor all managers such as Heather to ensure they behave in an ethicalway. Ethical climate refers to a company’s processes by whichdecisions are made and evaluated (Bateman &amp Snell, 2007). MaEarth can do this by rectifying the relationship between the companyand the tribe. It should negotiate with the tribe and fund them toplant orellana so it can acquire products from them rather thangetting them elsewhere. Although this may be tedious and timeconsuming, it is the best way to ensure the company is operating inan ethical way. Alternatively, the Ma Earth should come out in theopen and claim that it is helping the community without reallygetting anything from them. Since the latter would cost the company’sreputation, it is crucial to devise a strategy that is less damagingto the company while ensuring it conducts its business in an ethicalway.


Inthe situation between Ma Earth and the Amazon tribe, the company issimply practicing corporate social responsibility. This is becausethe company is helping and promoting the wellbeing of the community.It may be true that the company’s intention is to make it look likeit gets its products from the tribe however, it has promoted thewellbeing of the community. Further, although the intention of thecompany is to create a reputable brand name, it has fully embracedsocial responsibility. After all, companies that embrace socialresponsibility do this with the intent of enhancing the company’sreputation. Ma Earth has embraced social responsibility by helpingAmazon tribe while at the same time promoting its brand name. It is awin-win situation and everyone benefits.


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