Connection between Writer and Painter


Artists act as public voices in society. They monitor and channeltheir comprehensions of things that happen around us into diverse artforms. Artists as well document our past and improve communityengagement. Art is a cultural product, which mirrors and validateshow individuals perceive themselves and their environment. Artistscompose, generate, restructure then depict what society needs toview, feel, listen to and touch. A fit society requires all artforms, including written and painted. It is through art that creativesolutions to social issues are established.

Walt Whitman and Fernandos Llort are among artists’ that have hada significant role in society. Whitman is an important andexceptional personality in the past of American literature. He isreferred as one of the main influential poets due to hisconceptualization of poetry in a figurative association with society(Meltzer, 2002). Llort is a well-recognized painter that has producedart pieces bearing sentimental links. His work is exceptional due tothe capability of combining diverse aspects of nature resulting in anestablishment of a great link amid individuals and nature (Nickles,2002). Whitman and Llort’s works demonstrate their diverse methodsin tackling the concept of reverence. Whitman focuses ondemonstrating his respect for American pioneers while Llort portraysa symbol of worship in his painting.

Whitman’s writing focuses on American history and its founders.His themes are recurrent in most of his poems, which share thesimilar style, context and tone. By evaluating American history,Whitman focuses more on the individuals that have played asignificant role in shaping American history. For instance, the poemin review, Pioneers! O Pioneers! was written in 1865 at aperiod America faced westward extension (Whitman,1865). The author’s writing invokes feelings in the reader.He uses titles that refer to significant figures in society. By usingpioneers as his title, he refers to individuals that have had aninfluential role in the westward expansion.

Llort is recognized for his famous paintings that containsentimental attachments. His capability to merge diverse aspects ofnature results in the establishment of a major link amid persons andnature. Llort balances figures in his painting, employs geometricpatterns accomplished via merging lines and color strips. Al Besodel Sol is one of his famous paintings. As is his norm, numerousfigures have been integrated in the painting, which include trees,the sun, the woman and houses (Nickles, 2002). Despite the fairpositioning of figures in the painting, Llort places more relevanceto the woman by use of brighter colors when painting both figure.This communicates to the viewer the need for more significancetowards the woman.

The concept of reverence is apparent in Whitman’s poem as well asLlort’s painting. Both artists have key figures incorporated intheir artwork. The figures shape the themes of the poem and painting.In Pioneers! O Pioneers! Whitman pays homage to pioneersinvolved in the expansion of America to the west (Edward&amp Fletcher, 1947). The pioneers’ role wassignificant during the American history period because it expandedAmerica to include western state federations. Whitman praises thepioneers following their triumph in changing the westward wildernessinto a civilized state. He further acknowledges the sacrifice made bypioneers in their search for victory. Some passed away due tohardships faced in their pursuit for American expansion.

Similarly, Llort places more significance to the woman figure in hispainting. There are many figures that have been included in AlBeso del Sol. However, the woman takes a central and strategicposition. She is easily recognized and differentiated from the sun,trees and houses (Llort, 1996). The painting’s analysis denotesreligious and traditional beliefs. The woman is symbolic of thereligious figure Virgin Mary. She is placed closer to heavendemonstrated by the close painting of the sun. This representssomeone that is worshiped, specifically by Catholics. The woman isalso a traditional symbol of an Indian goddess. This figure is highlyrespected in society and even worshipped.

The pioneers and the woman are respected figures in society. Whitmancalls upon readers to honor and respect pioneers. This is because oftheir apparent love for their country. Llort represents the woman assomeone who needs to be worshipped. She is a religious symbol,worshipped by the Catholic faithful (Pivarunas, 2000). She is also asymbol of worship for Indians who refer to the woman as a goddess.Based on the connection derived from the writer and painter, it isapparent that though artists employ different forms of art, it ispossible to communicate the similar message. It is also apparent thatart mirrors what has happened in society, or what happens. Suchhappenings include people we hold with high regard in society, asdemonstrated in the poem and painting.

The artists have shaped individual outlook on the issues discussedin their work. By demonstrating the relevance of pioneers in Americanpast, it is possible to comprehend the significance of America’sfounders. The painting enhances understanding on the relevance offigures included in a painting, as well as their positioning withinthe painting.


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