Consumer Ethics



Ethicaldecision making and consumer purchase behavior is an area inmarketing that have not received considerable attention. It isimportant to understand that, consumers’ behaviors are influencedby their ethical beliefs (Vitell&amp Muncy, 2013).This has been the reason why companies have increasingly invested incorporate social responsibility. This is from realization that ethicsplay a key role in influencing buying behavior.

Asmarketers, consumers’ interest becomes the central responsibility.By studying consumer ethics, marketers are able to meet theseinterests. Consumers have their values, morals and ethicalorientations. Consumers are concerned on how the product they arebuying is produced. For example they are concerned with ethicalissues surrounding a company or a product (Vitell&amp Muncy, 2013).A company conducting business should ensure everything is doneethically, at all times. Ethical practice includes treatingemployees, suppliers, stakeholders and clients well. It also includesshowing concern for the environment and the community around. Forinstance a company that dumps waste into the rivers is likely to havenegative perception among consumers and its brand may not performwell in the market.

Asa store manager, understanding consumer ethics motivates me to ensurethat the goods stored in the warehouse are well stored, preserved andsecured from any form of damage or contamination. For example I haveto ensure that the right procedure is followed in release of goodsand services. People involved should be well equipped and theirsafety ensured in handling of these goods.

Ultimatelythere can be no business ethics without consumer ethics. Alloperations of a company must consider the interest of the consumer,including the ethical aspects of consumers. Without this, marketingobjectives can never be met.


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