Consumers in the Market Place

Consumersin the Market Place

Consumersin the Market Place

Focusgroups are circumspectly planned discussions that are designed tohelp obtain perceptions of a defined area of interest in a permissiveand non-threatening environment. In attempts to improve the marketingstrategies of a firm, focus groups are considerably better instudying consumer behavior when the researcher intends to get a richqualitative insight. A market researcher may use focus groups whenlaunching a new product or attempting to modify an existing one. Suchsituations are very important when the researcher intends at gettingbreadth or exploratory research. Additionally, focus groups areimportant when the main goal is to understand consumer behavior i.e.when the researcher aims at identifying consumer preferences andexperiences. They are also important when a researcher intends tounderstand customers who have a tremendous geographical diversity.This method is efficient when researchers do not require in-personinteractions and intend to encourage conversation.

In-depthinterviews involve on-on-one detailed questioning of a consumerregarding experiences and interests on products. This method is usedwhen the researcher intends to minimize the interference ofrespondent’s ideas by other people by eliminating distractions. Inaddition, in-depth interviews are used in situations where aresearcher mainly seeks to find about rational follow-up questions.Such questions help shed additional light and dig further aboutconsumer opinions and preferences. In-depth interviews are used todevelop a detailed analysis on attitudes, incentives and purchasingdecision-making process. Noticeably, they are also useful when oneconsumer has majority of the information required by the researchergiving him/her more time to respond.

Markedly,focus groups might be more preferable to in-depth interviews due toseveral reasons. They help avoid intimidation of respondents, blendideas of various stakeholders and obtain wholesomeness of an idea.


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