Copyright and Creativity


Copyrightand Creativity

Theworld of business in the modern society has witnessed drastic changesin all the aspects of operations. Competitors are investing heavilyon tactics to outweigh their business rivals. Information technologyhas accelerated the level of dynamism in business operations.Creativity and innovation have been affected by globalization, eitherpositively or negatively. The positive side of globalization tocreativity and innovation is the interaction of artists all over theworld (Tschmuck 2012). The negative side of information technology tocreativity and innovation is the increased level of piracy.Intellectual property is the form of intangible assets created bypeople and is protected through copyrights, trade secrets and patentlaws (Tschmuck 2012).

Categorizationof intangible assets in the modern business world has beenrestructured. Some organizations have their intellectual propertyportfolio far much ahead of their tangible assets. There are twodistinct categories of intellectual property the industrial propertycomprising of all the inventions and designs and copyrights that aremeant to cover the artistic work (Tschmuck 2012). When someone isinvolved with piracy, the revenues that are meant to be earned by theartist is robbed. This results to low levels of innovation andcreativity in the economy (Tschmuck 2012). All artistic works shouldbe copyrighted to avoid cases of piracy. Piracy is an illegalactivity, &quotWe`ve been telling people for a long time that filesharing copyrighted music is illegal, that you are not anonymous whenyou do it, and that engaging in it can have real consequences,&quotthis is an observation made by Sherman the president of TheRecording Industry Association of America.

Thestudy shows that the level of creativity is influenced by the levelof piracy. It is illegal to circulate an unauthorized material eitherover the internet or physically. Piracy is a big threat to the entireeconomy, as it reduces the morale of the artists who in turn shifttheir gears towards other sectors thus resulting to collapse of somesectors of the economy (Tschmuck 2012). Regulatory bodies chargedwith the responsibility of fighting piracy should apply stringentrules. All the key industry players should be incorporated infighting as it is a disaster to the entire economy.


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